Wigan Area Code: 01942

01942 is the Wigan Area Code

The area calling code for the metropolitan borough of Wigan is 01942 for all UK codes.
If you need to call someone living or working in the town of Wigan, Greater Manchester, then you will dial a number starting with 01942 then another six numbers.  If you receive a call starting with these numbers, then there’s a good chance it is coming from the Wigan area.

Full list of UK localities using the 01942 (Wigan) area code

BlackrodPlatt Bridge

How to call Wigan (01942) phone numbers from abroad

If you need to call a number in Wigan when you are outside the UK, you need to make a little change to ensure it goes through.  Normally, you would call a number 01942 774000 but if you are out of the country, this needs to alter.  Just take the zero off the beginning and add +44 instead to tell the phone system which country you want to call.  So that same number would now be +441942 774000.

Cost of calling an 01942 (Wigan) phone number

Calls from lines inside the UK will cost no more than any other number that starts with 01 or 02.  These are a set cost per minute calls that can change depending on the time of day you are making the call and will have an access charge incorporated in the fee – your provider can tell you what this is.  If you have inclusive minutes on your plan, calls to these numbers won’t cost you anything.  Mobile numbers can cost more than landlines if you don’t.

Some popular Wigan general enquiries phone numbers

Many companies based in Wigan use a number that starts in 01942 because people tend to trust these not to be cold-calling companies versus other, non-geographic numbers.  They also cost less to call than other premium rate numbers so customers are more likely to ring.  Examples of Wigan numbers include:

  • 01942 774 000 – Wigan Athletic FC’s main number for all ticket and match enquiries for any of their games
  • 01942 828 128 – Museum of Wigan Life is a local museum detailing the history of the town including sports and items from the world wars.
  • 01942 290 992 – the Three Sisters Race Circuit offers driving experiences such as karting and this number lets you make a booking or find out more information.

Welcome to Wigan

Wigan is a town with a firm place in the industrial history of the UK in the north-west of the country.  It was once the centre of the clock making industry in England as well as being part of the milling and coal mining industries.  Today the city is a commercial hub with a great mixture of historic landmarks, modern features and green spaces.  You can learn about eh history of the town at the Museum of Wigan Life or enjoy some sports at Wigan Athletic FC or the Wigan Warriors rugby league team – one of the most successful in the history of the sport.