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Who Are Utilita?

Utilita is an energy supply company with a different approach – they offer customers a reliable pre-payment solution that allows them to better control their energy bills and monitor their usage.  The company has been in the business for over 10 years and offer a less costly option than the traditional ‘Big Six’ suppliers.  They also offer the free installation of smart meters.  You can now use these specialists Utilita phone number options to get in touch with the company about various aspects of your account.

About Utilita

Utilita was born from the desire to offer a simplified option for customers who wanted to pay for their power needs as they used them and avoid large monthly bills.  The company is based in Winchester and offers UK based customer services for their customers and for any queries.

The company was founded in 2003 and quickly established itself as the top pre-payment energy supplier with high customer reviews and positive feedback.  Their Price Commitment means they will always be cheaper than the Big Six companies on their pre-paid tariff and April 2015 saw their fourth price cut within a year.  They are also rated in the Which? Top 5 customer satisfaction ratings for energy companies.

Utilita departmentUtilita phone number
Emergency number0345 2068999
Customer Services0345 2093999
Automated meter reading number0345 2093750
Moving home service0345 2068777
Billing queries0330 3337440


Opening Times

8:00am – 8:00pm Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm Sat & Sun

Using the Utilita phone number options

Utilita offers what is known as a ‘pay as you go’ service that is similar to the service offered for mobile phones but is instead for gas and electricity.  Therefore, they offer a number of different contact options for the different departments to help their customers.  You can use these numbers to contact the company to get help and advice as well as deal with problems on your account.

Customer services are available for all general queries.  If you are new to the company and want to learn more about their service, you can use this Utilita phone number to get a quote and find out more information.  You can also use it to find out about having a smart meter fitted.

Once you are an existing customer, you can use the customer services number to discuss problems with your meter or payment card as well as to make any changes to your account. This includes issues such as billing errors, new service requests and problems around disconnected services.

This includes issues such as billing errors, new service requests and problems around disconnected services.

In addition to the telephone numbers, the company also offer postal queries and email systems, though these are much slower than using the telephone numbers.  There are options to contact via social media such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messaging.  

Head Office Address

Utilita Head OfficeHutwood Court, Bournemouth Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3QB

Dealing with problems

Both the customer services and billing queries number can be used to report a problem or to raise a complaint with some aspect of the service.  Utilita is rated as the best prepayment energy service provider in the UK but this doesn’t mean that issues can’t arise.  Sometimes the problem can be something as simple as a malfunctioning meter but other occasions, the issues can be more serious.

If you make a complaint and the company don’t satisfactorily deal with it, there is a procedure that must be followed to resolve the issue.  The website for the company can outline their formal complaints procedure should you be unhappy with the resolution to any query and feel the need to take it further.

Using smart meter

Utilita offers an automated service for meter readings if you need to supply these to the company but with smart meters, most of the information required is sent via the internet.  There are many benefits to smart meters including the accuracy of the bills and the lack of calling in meter readings or having someone visit the house to read them.

Smart meters are also great for seeing exactly how much credit you have left on your account and therefore when you need to top up.  The company offer a range of ways to top up your account including through the automated phone number, an SMS text message service or through any participating PayPoint outlet.  If you are unsure where to find these places, contact customer services for more information.

However, like any piece of technology, there can be problems and that’s why Utilita offer a smart meter support service to deal with any issues.  The smart meters use a touch screen to operate and offer real-time information on electricity and gas usage to customers.  But if there are any signs that the meter isn’t working properly, then you can use this special Utilita contact number to find out what to do.

Other services

Utilita also offers customers a Premium Energy plan for those who don’t have a smart meter installed.  It ensures a constant flow of gas and electricity into the property and is ideal for people who aren’t confident with topping up their smart meter or are worried about being left without power.  This is an affordable option and you can find out more information about this by calling the customer services number listed above.

There is also the Utilita emergency number that can be used if you think you may have a gas leak or a problem with your electricity supply.  By calling this number you can find out the process to have an emergency engineer visit the property or an electrical engineer come out to see what the cause of the issue is.  You can also ring the number if you have a power cut to find out what the progress on repairs is or who is dealing with the disconnection.


Utilita offers a solid alternative to the traditional ways of getting gas and electricity to homes and allows customers the best level of control over their bills and power usage.  Their use of smart meters shows the latest technology at its best and the range of ways customers can top up their account makes it simple to keep on top of your energy needs.

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