Waltham Forest Council

Call 020 8496 3000

Waltham Forest London Borough Council is the overseeing local authority for the Waltham Forest area of Greater London.  One of the 32 current councils, it was created n 1963 from three existing councils – Chingford Borough Council, Leyton Borough Council and Walthamstow Borough Council.

The council runs a number of departments with services to help residents and businesses in the area.  These range for council-owned housing, benefits and school services to parking and roads services, planning control and collecting rubbish.

There are 19 wards that divide up the area:

  1. Cann Hall
  2. Cathall
  3. Chapel End
  4. Chingford Green
  5. Endlebury
  6. Forest
  7. Grove Green
  8. Hale End & Highams
  9. Hatch Lane
  10. High Street
  11. Higham Hill
  12. How Street
  13. Larkswood
  14. Lea Bridge
  15. Leyton
  16. Leytonstone
  17. Markhouse
  18. Valley
  19. Wood Street

Contacting the council

There are three ways to get in touch with the council and find out about services – in person, on the phone and on the website.  The main website is https://walthamforest.gov.uk and this is available 24 hours a day for most services.  You can pay your council tax and business rates as well as rent for council-owned properties.  You can apply for jobs, use online library facilities and request any number of services.

If you need social services for adults and older people, you can ring 020 8496 3000 or use the email [email protected] while for children and young people’s services, the number is 020 8496 2310 or emergency out of hours number 020 8496 3000.

For council tax queries, you can complete the forms online or use the contact form on the web page to get in touch.  If you live in a council property and need a repair, then you can ring 020 8496 4197 – this line operates 24 hours a day.

If you are unhappy with your dealing with the council, there is an online complaints form which also provides feedback on some service you have used.  You can visit the website at https://walthamforest.gov.uk/node/4041 and use this form to let them know about the problem then they will get back in touch with an answer.