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Utilita Emergency

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Calls cost £6 plus your phone company's Access Charge

Have a pen and paper ready to take down the direct number or your recording reference number.

Contact for Problem Reporting

Utilita is a company offering a new way to get your gas and electricity – just like a mobile phone where you pay as you go.  The company install smart meters in your home that allow you to top up your power as you need it and therefore don’t have any monthly bills.  When you get your power through Utilita and you think there may be a gas leak or a power cut, you can now use this new Utilita emergency number to let the company know about the problem.

When you ring this emergency number, we will forward you on to the company. Explain your problem and they will look into it.  There is an emergency system if you suspect a gas leak that can be used regardless of who you get your gas from and this number can give you information about this.

If you have a power cut, this number can tell you who is dealing with the problem and any expected timescales for the repairs.

Contact for Smart Meter Support

If they don’t have the information, they can put you in touch with one of the network operators who will be able to provide further information.

You can also use this number if you have a problem with your smart meter and think that it is malfunctioning.  These devices are modern and very reliable but if you think there might be a problem with yours in any way, you can ring this emergency number and speak to someone.  If necessary, they can also ensure someone comes out to the house to inspect the meter.

Finally, if you need a replacement top up card or key you can contact this number to obtain this and ensure you can continue to add gas and electricity as you need it from any of the top up points around the country.

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Utilita Emergency Number


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