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TV Licensing

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TV Licensing

General enquiries and direct debit payments – 0300 790 0368

You can ring the general enquiries number regarding your TV license on 0300 790 0368.  This number can tell you about the cost of an annual license, renewal queries or to make a payment.  You can also change your details here including address information or payment details.

If you want to change the type of license that you have because you cannot afford it or don’t think you are getting value for money, this is the line to call.  You may not be eligible for a refund if you have paid for a year’s cover.  You can also use the number to find out about changes in legislation that may mean you don’t need to pay for a license.  This might also apply if you only watch BBC programs through their iPlayer service.

Lines are open from 8:30 until 6:30 weekdays and 8:30 to 1pm on Saturdays.  They are closed Sundays and bank holidays.  You can ring at the same cost as a 01 or 02 number with an access charge and per minute rate.  If you have free inclusive minutes on your contract, these calls should then be free.

Text-phone Helpline for TV Licensing enquiries – 0300 790 6050

If you use a textphone you can call the TV Licensing department on 0300 790 6050.  You will need either a textphone or minicom device to use this line.

Llinell gymorth testun ar gyfer deiliaid trwydded teledu Cymraeg – 0300 790 6042

Cysylltu â’r asiantaeth drwy ffonio ffôn 0300 790 6042 trwyddedu rhif teledu pwrpasol ar gyfer ymholiadau yn Gymraeg am eich trwydded deledu. Ar ben hynny, os oes angen gwasanaeth ffôn testun ffoniwch Cymraeg 0300 790 6053.

You can contact the Welsh language team at the TV Licensing department on 0300 790 6042.  For Welsh textphone users, call 0300 7906053.

Payment card and cash plan enquiries – 0300 555 0286

If you want to set up a savings payment card to help pay for your license and top it up at PayPoint outlets, you can ring this number.  You can also change the frequency of your payments including weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually via this number.  If you lose your card and need a replacement, ring this number but be aware there will be a charge for this.

TV Licensing Contact Number

Complaints about your TV licence – 03700 100 222

You can make a claim about the TV license service by ringing 03700 100 222.  This includes if you have been overcharged or debt collections staff have visited you and you are paying for your license.  You can also complain about BBC programs to this number.  If you want to complain about writing or escalate an existing claim, write to:

Operations Director,

TV Licensing,


DL98 1TL,

United Kingdom.

Report a problem with your television reception – 0370 901 6789

You can call 0370 901 6789 to report a problem with your TV reception to the Radio and Television Investigation Service.  This is a partner department to the TV licensing board and will look into the problem including if you are due a refund for loss of signal in your area.

TV Licensing contact numbers – In full



General enquiries including direct debit payments

0300 790 0368

Textphone users

0300 790 6050

Payment card and cash plan payment queries

0300 555 0286

Ymholiadau trwyddedu teledu ar gyfer cwsmeriaid Cymraeg (Welsh language TV Licensing enquiries)

0300 790 6042

Llinell gymorth testun ar gyfer deiliaid trwydded teledu Cymraeg (Welsh TV Licensing textphone helpline)

0300 790 6053


03700 100 222

Report a problem with TV reception in your area

0370 901 6789

More ways to contact TV Licensing

You can ring the TV Licensing department on the above numbers, but they also offer other ways to get in touch including email and social media.

Write to TV Licensing

General enquiries,

TV Licensing,


DL98 1TL,

United Kingdom.

Email TV Licensing

There is no dedicated email address for the team, but you can use the online contact form to send information via the internet about your query or problem.  This can be accessed at

TV Licensing Twitter Account

You can also reach the TV licensing team via their Twitter contact by sending tweets or direct messages to their @tvlicensing account