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Thames Water Emergency

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Report A Leak

Thames Water is the company responsible for both water supply and sewage removal for much of London and the Thames Valley area.  This means they deal with millions of gallons of both on a daily basis and leaks are an unfortunate side effect of these processes.  If you think you have spotted a leak or have an emergency in your property relating to these areas, you can now call the Thames Water emergency number to get to speak to someone who can help.

When a water leak is reported to the company, they take as much detail as possible from the person reporting it in order to quickly find the problem. Technicians will visit the site to find the nature of the problem and look to see what needs to be done to fix it. Urgent leaks are investigated within a day and smaller ones within three days so if someone hasn’t been within that time frame, you can call the number again to re-report the problem and make a complaint.

Water Quality Issue

Once the nature of the leak has been discovered, they can set about fixing the problem.  It might involve digging up roads or paths and they will always put up signs to explain any disruption.  They will also let any affected customers know what the disruption will be and how long it will be for.  If you are uncertain on the details of a planned disruption due to a leak, you can ring the emergency number to find out more.

Once the leak is dealt with and everything restored to its former situation, if you spot any signs that the problem has reoccurred, you can once again ring this number to let Thames Water know.  The quicker a problem is reported, the quicker the company can deal with it and minimalize any damage or disruption to homeowners and businesses.

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