Swindon Area Code: 01793

01793 is the Swindon Area Code

Swindon is a large town in the county of Wiltshire and telephone numbers in it start with the area code 01793.
If you live in Swindon, your home number will start with 01793 and this is the same for businesses in the area.  The code is followed by another six numbers.  If you receive a call starting with these numbers, most of the time it will come from the town.

All UK localities using the 01793 area code

Broad HintonRoyal Wootton BassettWanborough
CrickladeStratton St Margaret

Cost of calling 01793 (Swindon) phone numbers

The Swindon 01793 numbers are classed as local rate numbers and cost the same as all other calls to 01 and 02 numbers around the UK.  This is a variable per minute fee along with an access charge that is set depending on the time of day the call is made and what your provider charge for these calls.  However, if you get free inclusive minutes on your plan, these calls will come under that and not cost anything.

How to make an international call to Swindon

If you need to make an international call to a Swindon number, you need to dial it a little differently.  UK numbers don’t work from outside the UK unless you use the international dialling code first – +44.  So, to change a number of 01793 466 637 to call from abroad, you would take off the first 0 and add +44 instead – so it would be +441793 466 637.

Some popular Swindon phone numbers

Many businesses in the area will use a local number as it locates them in the town and this is good for business.  Also, people are suspicious of numbers from outside their area as potential cold callers, so a local number can increase call answer rates.  Examples of well-known local numbers include:

  • 01793 466 637 – this is the general number for STEAM, the Great Western Railway Museum which looks at the history of the town and the industry
  • 01793 524 481 – this is the ticket line and for general enquiries about events for the Wyvern Theatre with its theatre, musical and comedy performances
  • 01793 466 566 – Swindon Museum and Art Gallery deals with local social history as well as displaying local works of art and this is their main number

Visit Swindon

Swindon is a town with a long connection to the railway’s industry and this is why the STEAM museum is located here.  The Wiltshire town is only a short journey from London, Cardiff and other regional hubs and this makes it a popular commuter town.  It is also a great place to do some shopping with retail outlets around the town centre while there are award-winning restaurants in the town.  For a little culture, check out the Wyvern Theatre.