Sutton Council

Call 020 8770 5000

Sutton London Borough Council is the body that oversees a range of residents’ services for the London Borough of Sutton, one of the 32 divisions of Greater London.  It was formed in 1964 from Beddington and Wallington Borough Council, Sutton and Cheam Borough Council and Carshalton Urban District Council.

The council is there to help residents with services including housing, collecting council tax, keeping the streets clean, planning permission for changes to homes and children’s services such as schools.  They also oversee adult social care and leisure services.

The council is made up of 18 wards:

  1. Beddington North
  2. Beddington South
  3. Belmont
  4. Carshalton Central
  5. Carshalton South & Clockhouse
  6. Cheam
  7. Nonsuch
  8. St Helier
  9. Stonecot
  10. Sutton Central
  11. Sutton North
  12. Sutton South
  13. Sutton West
  14. The Wrythe
  15. Wallington North
  16. Wallington South
  17. Wandle Valley
  18. Worcester Park

Contacting the council

There are two main options for contacting the council about the different services they offer – their website and contact telephone numbers.  The main offices are located on St Nicholas Way in Sutton and their main number is 020 8770 5000.

Much of the thing residents will need are on the website.  You can find this at  Here you can set up a secure account to pay for council tax, parking permits, housing rent or service charges and even penalty charges for parking tickets.  You can report many problems online as well ranging from a missed bin collection or fly tipping to a faulty street light, potholes or abandoned vehicles.

Applications can be made online including for school or nursery places, planning permission, housing benefit or even to be considered for council housing.  And you can request additional services such as a new recycling container or bin, a bulk waste collection, a building control inspection or even to register a birth.

If you are unhappy with your dealings with the council, you can also register a complaint online for the various departments.  If you visit then you can find the section for the service you are unhappy about and use the online reporting system to make a complaint or give feedback.