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Moving Home

Many customers around the country use SSE for their gas supply following the company’s merging with regional suppliers such as SWALEC.  The main problem with new, larger companies is that it can be harder to reach the right person.  So now, if you want to speak to someone about your gas account with SSE, you can ring the SSE gas contact number and reach the right person.

For existing customers, you can use this number for a range of services.  For example, if you are moving home and need to update the information on your account, you can ring this number.  The company will need your new details and on the day of the move, you will need to take the last meter reading in your old house and the first in your new one to ensure your bills are accurate.  The same service can be used for businesses that are relocating or adding another location to their account.

Account Question

If you don’t currently have your gas supply through SSE, you can use this number to get a quote for your gas needs.  They can take information about your annual usage and see what kind of prices they have to offer.  Existing customers can also do a tariff check through the number to find out if there are any better offers available for them than their existing deal.

If you have a complaint about some aspect of your gas account with SSE, you can use this number to raise it with the company. This might be around incorrect payment amounts or wrong payment dates as well as bills not received.

For customers with their gas boiler also covered from SSE, you can use the number to arrange for an annual service or for someone to come and look at a potential problem with your heating system under this cover.

SSE Electric Contact Number


SSE Electric Contact Number


SSE Emergency Number


SSE Contact Number