Your Sky iD is your login information for a range of online services offered by Sky including Sky Go, Sky Store, Sky Broadband Shield and to manage your account online.  It is made up of the email address you used to set up your account and a password. Each account has one, the Primary Sky iD, and this is for the person whose name is on the account.

There is only one Primary Sky iD per account and this should be the person who pays the bills and is the one to make changes to things like the subscription package and additional services.

Setting one up

When you first set up your account with Sky, the iD that you use will automatically be the Primary one.  You can also create further iDs for other members of the house, but they won’t have the same level of control as the Primary one.

You can visit to set up an iD or to make sure you haven’t already set one up from that email address.