Once you can view your bill, you now want to understand the information that it contains.  Depending on the services and package you have with Sky, it can include:

  • Sky TV
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Talk (landline)
  • Sky Line Rental (landline)

Here you can also see any one-off charges for extras you have purchased such as movies or Buy and Keep download and DVD packages.  It will also include and paid sports events you have added on top of your normal subscription.

Every bill will include information about your Sky TV package if you have one including multi-screen options and HD upgrades.  It will also include information about other packages you have.

If you have Sky Talk, it will include any call costs for phone calls made and will also break it down into mobiles, international, national and non-geographic number calls.

Other items that may feature on the bill include:

  • Pay per view services such as Box Office or Store
  • Charges or credits for offers or discounts

Each bill can be different depending on what you have purchased during the month, calls you have made on your landline and if a subscription has ended or the regular amount changed.  They will let you know ahead of time if this is happening.