If you have an account with subscriptions for various things, here are some answers to common questions around them.

How do I restart a cancelled subscription?

You need to sign into Account Manager and access Subscriptions.  Select the subscription and press Auto-renew.

How do I update card details?

If a payment didn’t go through because you need to change payment details and the subscription has stopped, you need to start a new one, but you can’t do this on the app.  You can update your card details though. Go to the Account Manager and add your new card details then select update. Then use the website to see about setting up a new subscription.

My card has been lost or stolen

Once you have reported the card to the authorities if appropriate and to your card provider, then visit the Account Manager and update the payment details held there.

My auto-renew failed

If you didn’t update your card details in time and your auto-renew has failed, you have a 12 hour grace period if you use Sky Go on iPhone to re-try a failed payment so update your card details.  Otherwise, go to the website to set up a new subscription.

I changed my mind about the cancellation

It isn’t possible to re-start a subscription from your iPhone, but you can set up a new subscription, although a different price and terms may apply.

Is the payment taken on the same date?

Most of the time it is taken out on the same date.  This is only different if the payment is due on a weekend, in which case it will come out on a Monday afterwards.  Or if your payment date is the 30th and it is February, so it may be taken on the 28th or the 1st.  Your bill will tell you this.

How do I cancel?

To cancel an auto-renewal, go to the Subscriptions tab of the app and turn off auto-renewal.