One thing that often confuses people are the first two bills that they receive from Sky as these are a little different from normal bills.

The first bill

You start paying for services once they are live and your first payment will be taken 14 days after the service starts.  This will just be for the first 14 days and the remainder of the first month. So if you started your service on 4th April, the payment will be taken 18th April and will cover from 4th April until 3rd May.  This often means the first bill is higher than people expect.

The second bill

The second payment is taken 14 days after the first bill is paid, depending on the date you have selected for your payment.  Because Sky takes payments in advance, this is for the coming month. So if you started your services on 3rd January, this payment will cover 3rd January until 3rd February.

Sometimes the dates for a bill are greater than one month.  That’s because the bill will include any services that have become active since the last payment was taken.