If you are a new Sky customer and want to make your first payment, there are some options to use.

Use a voucher

If you have a voucher for a discount from your first payment, then apply this via the Voucher Code field.  This will reduce the price in the Order Summary box and then you can pay the remaining balance with a card – you will need the security code from the back of your card to complete this process.

Change your address

If you have noticed your billing address is incorrect when setting up your payment, then go to the Billing Address section and update the information.

Making the payment

Once you hit to pay the first payment, you may see Verified by Visa or a MasterCard Secure Code screen if you have this set up on your account.  Complete the required information to allow the payment to process.

If nothing happens after hitting to submit the payment, you may have JavaScript disabled on your device which stops the process.  To fix this, follow the instructions depending on the browser:

  • Firefox – tools > options > content > select the checkbox to Enable JavaScript then click OK
  • Explorer – tools > Internet options > security > custom level > Scripting > Active Scripting then select enable and OK
  • Safari – edit > preferences > security (pop up window) > tick the JavaScript box > close window and try again