Sky TV will not turn on

If your Sky TV box won’t turn on, there are a couple of things to check.  First, make sure there isn’t a problem with the remote – does the red light flash when you press a button?  If it does, then this means the remote is working. Next check the box is properly ventilated as this can cause problems.  The box needs to have at least 10cm space on above and on the sides. There shouldn’t be anything stacked on or under it and it should be away from heat sources such as TVs and direct sunlight.

Next, restart the box by turning it off at the mains.  Check all the cables are secure and then turn it back on.  Follow the on-screen instructions to ensure it is working properly.  You may also want to see if your box is in the wrong mode. There is an Eco setting that automatically takes place between 2:30 am and 5:45 am.  To bring it out of this mode early, it could experience some problems. If you find you need to do this regularly, go into settings then setup and preferences to change this setting.

If you still can’t get the box to turn on, call the Sky contact number to get more help.

If you need any further help, please see our FAQ’s or common questions page.

If all else fails, speak to an SKY TV advisor, on, 0843 133 7000