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Sky Contact Number To Join

If you are interested in joining Sky, the best Sky contact number to join the service is 0333 759 1591. This is the general Sky customer service line. It is used by existing customers to manage their accounts and by new customers to open new accounts. When calling this number, you may be put on hold during peak times. Once you are through to a customer service representative, you can explain that you want to join Sky and they will walk you through the process. Sky services are only available in certain areas, so the first step will be to confirm that they can offer Sky in your area. Once these checks are complete, you will be able to start building your service.

Sky Contact Number To Join

Sky TV

Sky TV is the most popular Sky offering and includes many different channels which are not available on terrestrial or Freeview TV. Sky TV is a modular service, meaning that users can start with a core package and then add the services that are most useful to them. The most popular services are sports, movies, children’s TV and box sets. You can also add other services like extra set-top boxes so you can watch TV in more than one room in your home. You can also upgrade your Sky box, to enable you to record more TV shows.

Sky phone and broadband

Another popular service is Sky phone and broadband. Purchasing these services together often makes them cheaper. However, for those who are only interested in broadband, it is possible to get an internet-only package. You only need to pay for the line rental. Like the modular TV service, it’s also possible to add services to your phone and broadband account. This can include things like free calls at certain times or faster internet speeds. To get started building your Sky account, call the Sky contact number to join listed above.

Introductory offers

Sky often has introductory offers listed on their site which can be very enticing for new customers. However, it’s important to remember that these offers don’t last forever and you may notice a huge increase in your bill after the offer period has ended. Keep a close eye on the fine print and be sure to keep an eye on your Sky account so you aren’t caught off guard by a sudden increase in your monthly bill. You can use the phone number listed above to contact customer services and manage your account once you are a customer.