Understanding Your Sky Bill

There are a few ways to manage your Sky bills.  The easiest way is to manage your bills online which you can do by visiting the main Sky website and using your Sky iD to log into your account.  Under the Bills & Payments section, you can find the latest bill – this is uploaded 14 days before the payment is due, so you can always see what you will be playing in plenty of time.

Your Sky iD

Your Sky iD is your login information for a range of online services offered by Sky including Sky Go, Sky Store, Sky Broadband Shield and to manage your account online.  It is made up of the email address you used to set up your account and a password. Each account has one, the Primary Sky iD, and this is for the person whose name is on the account.

There is only one Primary Sky iD per account and this should be the person who pays the bills and is the one to make changes to things like the subscription package and additional services.

Setting one up

When you first set up your account with Sky, the iD that you use will automatically be the Primary one.  You can also create further iDs for other members of the house, but they won’t have the same level of control as the Primary one.

You can visit https://skyid.sky.com/signup/skycomlinked to set up an iD or to make sure you haven’t already set one up from that email address.

Your Sky box

Sky+ customers

If you have a Sky+ box, you can view your bill from your box.  Press the Sky button on the remote and highlight ‘My Account’ then press select.  Navigate to the View My Bill section and put in your Sky pin when asked. Depending on the version of the box you have you may be able to also access the bill by pressing the yellow button at any time.

Sky Q customers

On a Sky Q box, press the Home button then select My Account.  Choose Bills then find the bill you want and enter your pin to view it.

My Sky app

Open the My Sky app and put in your login information (the Sky iD you use on the website) then select Manage Account.  Select the account in question then go to Latest Bill.

Understanding your bill

Once you can view your bill, you now want to understand the information that it contains.  Depending on the services and package you have with Sky, it can include:

  • Sky TV
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Talk (landline)
  • Sky Line Rental (landline)

Here you can also see any one-off charges for extras you have purchased such as movies or Buy and Keep download and DVD packages.  It will also include and paid sports events you have added on top of your normal subscription.

Every bill will include information about your Sky TV package if you have one including multi-screen options and HD upgrades.  It will also include information about other packages you have.

If you have Sky Talk, it will include any call costs for phone calls made and will also break it down into mobiles, international, national and non-geographic number calls.

Other items that may feature on the bill include:

  • Pay per view services such as Box Office or Store
  • Charges or credits for offers or discounts

Each bill can be different depending on what you have purchased during the month, calls you have made on your landline and if a subscription has ended or the regular amount changed.  They will let you know ahead of time if this is happening.

The first two bills

One thing that often confuses people are the first two bills that they receive from Sky as these are a little different from normal bills.

The first bill

You start paying for services once they are live and your first payment will be taken 14 days after the service starts.  This will just be for the first 14 days and the remainder of the first month. So if you started your service on 4th April, the payment will be taken 18th April and will cover from 4th April until 3rd May.  This often means the first bill is higher than people expect.

The second bill

The second payment is taken 14 days after the first bill is paid, depending on the date you have selected for your payment.  Because Sky takes payments in advance, this is for the coming month. So if you started your services on 3rd January, this payment will cover 3rd January until 3rd February.

Sometimes the dates for a bill are greater than one month.  That’s because the bill will include any services that have become active since the last payment was taken.

Sky fees

Your bill will include any fees and charges that are being applied.  These might include:

  • A £10 late payment fee and any costs incurred for recovering that payment because you didn’t pay a bill – your services can also be affected
  • A £12 charge for payments on Visa or Mastercard if there is insufficient funds for the payment and Sky have to request the payment is reversed by the card company

Sky will always write to you to tell you if there is a problem or a missed payment and never restrict your services without giving you the chance to sort out the problem first.  VAT is not applied to the fees.

Making a payment

There are a few ways to make a payment if you haven’t set up a regular payment system or there has been a problem.  You can use the website, the app or even your TV box. If you have a Sky Mobile service, this is always billed separated from the main Sky account.

For TV Broadband and Talk, access your online account with your Sky iD then go to Manage.  Here you will find the section to make a payment and follow the process by entering card details.  You will need to use information for 3D Secure if you have this on your account.

To use your Sky+ box:

  • Press the interactive button the remote
  • Select My Account then Manage
  • Select Make a payment then press continue
  • Enter the information of the card and the amount then hit confirm
  • Check information and hit submit to finalise

You may also be able to press the yellow button to access the billing section and then follow the steps to make a payment if your box has this facility.

To use your Sky Q box:

  • Press the Home button on the remote
  • Select My Account then Payments
  • Select Make a Payment and enter your Pin
  • Enter your card details and hit next

Change a payment method

You can easily change how your regular payments are made either online, through the app or with your remote.  Have your new payment method or bank details to hand before doing this. You will also need to do this separately for Sky Mobile payments as these aren’t billed through the main account.

You only have the ability to change your payment date once a month and it can mean your bill is higher or lower depending on the date you choose to change to.

First time Sky payments

If you are a new Sky customer and want to make your first payment, there are some options to use.

Use a voucher

If you have a voucher for a discount from your first payment, then apply this via the Voucher Code field.  This will reduce the price in the Order Summary box and then you can pay the remaining balance with a card – you will need the security code from the back of your card to complete this process.

Change your address

If you have noticed your billing address is incorrect when setting up your payment, then go to the Billing Address section and update the information.

Making the payment

Once you hit to pay the first payment, you may see Verified by Visa or a MasterCard Secure Code screen if you have this set up on your account.  Complete the required information to allow the payment to process.

If nothing happens after hitting to submit the payment, you may have JavaScript disabled on your device which stops the process.  To fix this, follow the instructions depending on the browser:

  • Firefox – tools > options > content > select the checkbox to Enable JavaScript then click OK
  • Explorer – tools > Internet options > security > custom level > Scripting > Active Scripting then select enable and OK
  • Safari – edit > preferences > security (pop up window) > tick the JavaScript box > close window and try again


If you have an account with subscriptions for various things, here are some answers to common questions around them.

How do I restart a cancelled subscription?

You need to sign into Account Manager and access Subscriptions.  Select the subscription and press Auto-renew.

How do I update card details?

If a payment didn’t go through because you need to change payment details and the subscription has stopped, you need to start a new one, but you can’t do this on the app.  You can update your card details though. Go to the Account Manager and add your new card details then select update. Then use the website to see about setting up a new subscription.

My card has been lost or stolen

Once you have reported the card to the authorities if appropriate and to your card provider, then visit the Account Manager and update the payment details held there.

My auto-renew failed

If you didn’t update your card details in time and your auto-renew has failed, you have a 12 hour grace period if you use Sky Go on iPhone to re-try a failed payment so update your card details.  Otherwise, go to the website to set up a new subscription.

I changed my mind about the cancellation

It isn’t possible to re-start a subscription from your iPhone, but you can set up a new subscription, although a different price and terms may apply.

Is the payment taken on the same date?

Most of the time it is taken out on the same date.  This is only different if the payment is due on a weekend, in which case it will come out on a Monday afterwards.  Or if your payment date is the 30th and it is February, so it may be taken on the 28th or the 1st.  Your bill will tell you this.

How do I cancel?

To cancel an auto-renewal, go to the Subscriptions tab of the app and turn off auto-renewal.

Order history

Here are some common questions about items on your bill and your order history.

How does a new subscription from the app show on your account?

New iPhone and iPad subscriptions will show on the account alongside other subscriptions such as for Sky TV.  This is only different if you subscribe for something through the App Store that isn’t from Sky and this will be billed through Apple or the company.

What is MPP Global?

If you see MPP Global on your statement, this is the payment processes for Sky Player services.  It is no longer used but you may see it on older bills.

What is Sky Payments Livingston?

Some services are billed under this account including Sky Identity Patrol, Sky Identity Shield or Parental Alert.

Personal details

You should always ensure the personal information held by Sky on you is accurate and change this if things change.

You can change the email used for transactions by going to the Subscriptions tab on the app and accessing the personal details.  Add another email address and then update this as the primary one. However, it doesn’t change other communications from Sky so visit the Profile section on the website to alter this.

Never share your password with anyone else as they will have access to your account and be able to order services that you will be required to pay for.