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Sky Repairs

Sky Repairs

Sky Contact Number For Repairs

If you have an issue with hardware provided by Sky, you should get in touch with Sky to remedy the issue. The best Sky contact number for repairs is 0333 7591 018. This number will put you through to the customer service team best equipped to handle issues like repairs. They also deal with faults and issues related to Sky TV, phone and broadband. If you are struggling with a Sky item that does not work, get in touch with the number above to ensure someone is able to manage your repair.

Sky contact number for repairs

Sky box repairs

It isn’t always clear where the source of the issue lies, so an engineer may come to your home to diagnose the problem. If the issue is with the hardware, such as a Sky TV box or broadband router, then the engineer will be able to order a replacement. If the issue lies with the connections in your home, or outside your home, then the engineer will handle the repairs and keep you informed on the outcome. It’s important to be persistent when requesting repairs, as there will always be lots of customers requesting repairs and you need to ensure your request doesn’t fall to the bottom of the list.

Will I have to pay for repairs?

This will depend entirely on the nature of the fault. If your Sky box is broken because it was dropped or immersed in liquid, then you will need to pay for the replacement. If your Sky box isn’t working because of a technical fault, then Sky will need to foot the bill. You may also be eligible for money off your bill if you were without service for any period of time. As you would have been unable to enjoy your Sky service, you should request money off your bill to cover this time.

Do I have to pay my bill while I wait for repairs?

Yes, you should always pay your bill on time, even if you are awaiting repairs. It can be tempting to stop your direct debit if you feel that it is unfair to pay for a service you cannot use, but this can lead to late payment fees which you want to avoid. Instead, get in touch using the Sky contact number for repairs and explain your situation. They may offer payment relief until the fault is fixed, and you won’t have to pay any late payment fees.