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Sky Contact Number To Book Boxing

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Sky Contact Number To Book Boxing

One of the biggest benefits of being a Sky TV customer is the Sky Sports Box Office. This is a pay-per-view service which allows you to watch on-demand sporting events, including boxing. The best Sky contact number to book boxing events is 0333 759 2437. This is the main customer support line for the Sky Box Office. You can call this number to find out about upcoming Box Office events, confirm the schedule, find out how much individual matches cost and to book boxing matches.


Can I watch Sky Box Office on my tv?

If you have Sky TV, you will be able to access all Sky Box Office events for an additional fee. This will be charged in addition to your regular monthly Sky bill. You can also stream Sky Sports Box Office events on compatible devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smart TVs, tablets and phones.

How do I book boxing on my TV?

You will need to call the Sky contact number to book boxing and wait to be connected to a customer service representative. Tell them which fight you are hoping to book and then they will talk you through the process, including how to access the fight on the day. It’s best to book in advance to avoid disappointment if you have technical problems in starting the stream.

Is boxing included in my Sky Sports package?

While your Sky Sports package will include some boxing matches, special events are usually reserved for Sky Sports Box Office. This means that they will not be included in your Sky Sports package. If you are unsure if a fight will be included in your package, get in touch using the Sky contact number to book boxing and they will be able to tell you if you need to book separately.

Can I get a refund if I don’t watch it?

Sky does not issue refunds for Box Office events that are booked and not watched, either fully or partially. This means that if you stop watching the fight part way through for any reason, then you will not get a refund. You can cancel your booking right up to the start of the event, but once it has started, you will not be eligible for a refund. The only circumstances where you may get a discretionary refund is if Sky cancels the showing due to technical problems. If this happens, call the Sky contact number to book boxing to request a refund.