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Scottish Power Emegency

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Emergency Contact Number

A cut in electricity or gas can be a major problem for most homes and businesses.  Likewise, the possibility of a gas leak or that there is a problem with the boiler in your property can also lead to a major concern.  Now, if you are with Scottish Power and have a problem that might lead to an emergency you can use this new number to get in touch with the right person to help.

The Scottish Power emergency contact number is available for anyone who receives their power supply from the company and has been cut off or is experiencing outages.  You can find out what the position is with the problem or who is dealing with it if another company is involved in solving the issue.  

If you think there is a gas leak in your property, you should ring the emergency number and then contact Scottish Power to advise them if they are your gas supplier.

Call Scottish Power

Open all windows and doors to let fresh air into the property and if anyone is feeling unwell, then get everyone outside as gas inhalation can be a very serious problem.

A broken boiler that is covered by BoilerCare from Scottish Power can easily be remedied by calling the number and making a booking.  The staff at the number can help arrange for someone to come out to the property under the care agreement and see what the problem is.

You can even use this number if you have a problem with a prepaid meter that means you cannot receive any electricity or gas.  Contact the number with the details of your account and they can look into the issue then even arrange for an engineer to visit if this is required, depending on the nature of the fault or problem.

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