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Scottish Power

Scottish Power customer services – 0800 027 0072

Contact Scottish Power’s customer service department by Freephone by calling 0800 027 0072 in order to discuss either your gas or electricity accounts.  This includes queries such as overpayment of a bill or to find out if there is a new, better tariff for your power needs than the one you are currently on.

You can also use this number to notify of a change of address and to change your energy supply.  If you want to cancel your account with the company, you can use this number to notify them and also get a final bill – you should also check if there any cancellation charges involved in this decision.  If you are experiencing issues with a pay as you go smart meter, the staff on this number can assist and also offer technical support for any problems.  The same applied for pre-payment meters and if you want to change the type of meter that you currently have installed.  Finally, they also offer tips on making your home more energy efficient.

This number is available from 8 am until 10 pm weekdays and from 8:30 pm until 6 pm on Saturday – it is closed Sundays and some bank holidays such as Christmas Day.  Calls are free from landlines and from mobiles if you have inclusive minutes, otherwise, check with your provider about per-minute call charges that would apply.

Contact Scottish Power from abroad: +44 345 270 0700

You can contact Scottish Power from outside the UK using their international contact number +44 345 270 0700 so if you are on holiday and receiving notification of a problem or realising you need to sort an issue, this is the number to call.  Be aware that calls will cost more than ringing from within the UK and depends on where you are at the time of the call.

Gas emergencies – 0800 111 999

The national gas emergency number via Scottish Power can be reached on 0800 111 999.  This is to be used if you smell gas in your home or think you may have a carbon monoxide leak.  If possible, leave your home before making the call and use a mobile or open windows and doors to allow gas to dissipate if you have to remain indoors.  Use the gas valve to switch off the supply if you are able.  An emergency engineer will then attend the house as soon as possible.

Complaints – 0800 027 0072

To make a complaint to Scottish Power, call their customer complaints department on 0800 027 0072.  This number handles queries including overcharged bills and claims for compensation as well as for final notices received, even if you have paid your bills on time.  If you experience poor customer service from any department within the company, you can use this number to complain or alternatively, you can use the below contact address:

  • Scottish Power Head Office,
  • 1 Atlantic Quay,
  • Glasgow,
  • G2 8SP,
  • United Kingdom.

Submit meter readings – 0800 027 8000

To contact Scottish Power to submit a meter reading, you can ring a Freephone number 0800 027 8000.  By supplying meter readings, you can avoid expensive, estimated bills.  This is an automated service that is available 24 hours a day, all year round so you can ring at any time.  Always ensure your meter readings are accurate as false readings submitted intentionally can lead to a fine.

scottish power meter readings

Report a power cut – 105

To contact Scottish Power in the event of a power cut, ring operator contact number 105 to find out which substation has been affected.  You can also use this number to find out the duration of the power cut.  Calls are free from both landlines and mobiles and are available 24 hours a day.

Scottish Power boiler & radiator cover – 0800 001 5214

Call Scottish Power on 0800 001 5214 to find out about their boiler and radiator cover policy to help deal with problems in your home such as a boiler breakdown or issues with heating systems.  If you have recently purchased a boiler, contact this number to update your policy as the cover includes regular servicing for your boiler and this will no longer be needed at the same time.  If you need to contact a specific department for your cover, you can use the below grid to find the right one:

Scottish Power boiler & radiator cover phone numbers

General queries0800 001 5214
Emergency queries0800 111 4686
scottish power boiler repair

Scottish Power Connect – 0800 001 5136

Scottish Power Connect division can be reached with the free telephone number 0800 001 5136 where you can discuss your gas heating control system.  If you need technical support with the mobile application to control your home’s temperature or are having connectivity issues, this number can help.  You can also ring to find out how much a Connect unit would cost and what savings you could make from its installation.

Scottish Power Connect phone numbers

Customer services0800 001 5136
Get a quote0800 027 6464

Feed-in tariff enquiries – 0800 001 5156

Ring Scottish Power on 0800 001 5156 to discuss matters around their feed in tariff.  This includes having solar panels fitted and what you could save as well as discussing wind turbines on your property. The tariffs vary depending on how much power you generate and use yourself.  This number can provide quotes and also cancel an existing agreement if you have decided to switch suppliers.

Scottish Power business – 0800 040 7002

Contact Scottish Power for their business contact team on 0800 040 7002 to get a quote for your company’s gas and electricity requirements.  Existing customers can also use this number to see what the status of your bill is currently and about the tariff you are on.  You can use it to cancel your account or to move the account from one premises to another.  If there are any issues with business direct debit, you can call this number or if you think your business is being overcharged, get your meter reading and ring the number.

Number for Making a Card Payment 0800 001 5115 Free Number

In order to make a payment by credit or debit card to Scottish Power, call 0800 001 5115.  Calls are free and this is a specialist payment processing number, available 24 hours a day.  You will need your account number in addition to your card and you can also use it to set up online payments or to download YourEnergy App for free.  Once downloaded, you can use the app to make payments.

Scottish Power telephone numbers – Full List

UK Customer Services0800 027 0072
International Customer services +44 345 270 0700
Meter Readings0800 027 8000
Emergency helping for gas0800 111 999
Power cut notification105
Boiler & radiator cover – queries0800 001 5214
Boiler & radiator cover – emergencies0800 111 4686
Scottish Power Connect – queries0800 001 5136
Scottish Power Connect – information & quotes0800 027 6464
Feed-in tariff issues0800 001 5156
Scottish Power business customers0800 040 7002

In order to make a payment by credit or debit card to Scottish Power, call 0800 001 5115.  Calls are free and this is a specialist payment processing number, available 24 hours a day.  You will need your account number in addition to your card and you can also use it to set up online payments or to download YourEnergy App for free.  Once downloaded, you can use the app to make payments.

scottish power

Alternative ways of contacting Scottish Power

Scottish Power has a number of options for customers to use to contact them ranging from email and social media profiles to telephone numbers and addresses.

Scottish Power’s social media profiles

Scottish Power has a presence on the main social media sites to allow customers to contact them and find out the latest company news –

Facebook –

Twitter –

LinkedIn –

The company also has a YouTube channel with the latest promotional and educational videos –


Write to Scottish Power - Postal

To write to Scottish Power regarding any matter about gas and electricity, use the below address but be aware that written communications are slower than other options.

  • Scottish Power Customer Services,
  • Cathcart Business Park,
  • Spean Street,
  • Glasgow,
  • G44 4BE,
  • United Kingdom.

Email Scottish Power

To email Scottish Power, either visit their website at to send an email to [email protected] – you can also refer to their FAQ sections for commonly asked matters.

Scottish Power Contact Numbers

Scottish Power is one of the six big suppliers of gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the UK.  This means that there can be large numbers of people seeking to contact them at any one time.  Now, you can cut past the queues by using the new Scottish Power contact number to access the right help for your question or query.

If you currently have your supplies through another company and want a quote from Scottish Power, you can use this contact number to talk to their sales team.  Here they can take the relevant information about your power usage and get a personalised quote from one of their tariffs to see if they can save you money.

If you have your power through the company and want to query anything, you can also use this number to access their existing customer team. 

Contact Number For Scottish Power

Here you can question about the tariff you are on, to see if there are any better options.  You can also arrange to move your account to a new property if you are moving house or relocating your business.

The number also serves as a contact point for the billing department.  If you need to provide new bank details or a meter reading, you can ring this contact number to give them the information.  You can also query payments taken from your account and change payment dates as well as look into the scheme that supplies smart meters to homes.

For business customers, this general number can be used to query anything regarding your account and also to make any changes.  If you need a statement of how much your utility bills costs each year for tax purposes, the number can also supply this as well as doing a tariff check to see if there is any way for the business to save money.

Scottish Power Emergency Contact Number


Scottish Power Complaints Contact Number


Scottish Power Electricity Contact Number


Scottish Power Gas Contact Number


Scottish Power Business Contact Number


Scottish Power Customer Services Telephone Number