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Scottish Power Complaints

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Complaints Contact Number

Despite their best efforts, there are sometimes reasons that you need to contact Scottish Power to complain.  The problem might be a bill, a payment, a meter reading or another matter.  But when you do, you can now use this new dedicated Scottish Power Complaints Contact Number to avoid the rush on the main customer service number.

As the company powers over 5 million homes and businesses around the UK, there is a high demand for speaking to their customer representatives.  So this new number can help you reach the query and complaints department easier than going through the main number, cutting down the time required to deal with the issue. The number can be used for any billing queries and complaints.  For example, if you haven’t received a bill and didn’t know what payment would be taken from your account, then you can contact the company for the information and to let them know.

Call Scottish Power Complaints

Power companies are meant to send bills in advance of taking any payment so you should receive one before any money is debited from your account.

Problems with the payment itself is another reason you may need to contact the company.  The most common query is payments taken on the wrong date and while this might be an issue with the bank itself, you can use this number to find out what is going on.

Perhaps you feel that the company isn’t giving you the best deal and you are paying too much money for your gas or electric?  Then you can contact them on this number to discuss your feelings and see if there is a better deal available on one of their other tariffs.  

They can also advise the escalation process if you are unhappy with their previous dealing with your complaint.

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