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Scottish Power Business

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Business Contact Number

If you use Scottish Power for your business utilities supplies, there a dedicated number that allows you to speak to someone at the company can be a useful thing to have.  This special Scottish Power business contact number can be used for any issues relating to a business account through the company including billing and payment queries and complaints.

As one of the big six energy companies, Scottish Power receives hundreds of phone calls every day.  This new number helps cut through the queues and get you in touch with their business team to handle a business query.  This saves you money and means that dealing with such queries don’t become a time-consuming part of your day.

If you have a query about your business bill, you can use this number to speak to the specialist accounts department.  

Call Scottish Power Business

Here they can look at your payments, payment methods and also information submitted to create your bill, whether through a traditional or smart meter. You can also change the payment date and method through this number.

Mistakes happen and if there is a problem with your Scottish Power account due to either party, this number can help you sort it quickly.  You can speak to an expert in business accounts who can look at the issue and help you solve it or escalate it if there is a need.

For customers who don’t currently have their supply through Scottish Power, this contact number can also be used to obtain a quote.  All you need is information from your previous provider and the company can offer a quote on their various tariffs.  That way you can compare it with your existing provider and if it is cheaper, they can help you make the switch to ensure you have no interruption in supply.

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