Rotherham Area Code: 01709

01709 is the Rotherham Area Code

The dialling code for the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham is 01709.
This means any new numbers or existing numbers for homes and businesses within the town will start with 01709 followed by another six numbers.  Calls received that start with this number will mostly be from someone in the town.

List of localities which use the 01709 area code


Cost of calling 01709 (Rotherham) phone numbers

All numbers that start with 01 or 02 in the UK are charged at the same rate.  This is a variable rate per minute plus an access charge – costs vary between day and night-time periods as these are determined differently by phone providers.  If you have free minutes on your contract for a landline or mobile, then calls to this number will be free as a part of them.

Calling Rotherham phone numbers from abroad

If you need to ring a Rotherham number from outside the country, you need to remember to change the number a little to tell the phone system which country to ring.  As well as the normal area code, you need to use the international dialling code and you also need to take off the 0 at the start of the number.  This means 01709 720 002 would be +441709 720002 from outside the UK.

Famous examples of Rotherham phone numbers

People tend to have a more positive response to 01 and 02 numbers because they are associated with a specific area where other lines can be from anywhere in the country and are more likely to be cold calling selling calls.  Lots of companies and organisations in the town will use a local area code number including:

  • 01709 720 002 – the Magna Science Adventure Centre is an educational venue for kids and their number is a general enquiry one
  • 01709 823 621 – Rotherham Civic Theatre’s general number for box office queries, tickets and to find out what’s on
  • 01709 336 633 – Clifton Park Museum has a general number to query opening times for its local and archaeological exhibits as well as to see special events

Visit Rotherham

Rotherham is a busy town in South Yorkshire that has a strong connection with the Industrial Revolution.  You can see this best at the Clifton Park Museum with its various local exhibits.  It is also commemorated with the Yorkshire Man of Steel statue, 32 metres high.  There is plenty more to do in the town too including the cinema complex, plenty of shopping opportunities and both local and national restaurant chains.  You can even visit the football and rugby grounds for some sport.