Rochdale Area Code: 01706

01706 is the Rochdale Area Code

If you are calling a number in the town of Rochdale, you will see that the numbers start with the area code 01706.
The 01706 code is for all numbers within Rochdale both for private lines and for business ones.  You will call the prefix followed by another six numbers to reach someone in the town.  And if you receive a call starting with this number, it is usually coming from someone based in Rochdale.

All UK localities using the 01706 area code


How to call Rochdale from overseas

What about calling Rochdale from overseas?  The process is quite simply because the UK has an international dialling code used to tell phones where to call.  This is +44 so a number that started out as 01706 924 492 when you are calling from the UK becomes +441706 924 492 from outside the UK.  You just take the 0 from the front.

Cost of calling an 01706 phone number

Inside the UK, calls to a Rochdale 01706 number will be charged at the same rate as other 01 and 02 numbers.  This is a little different during the day and on a night time.  There is a standard access charge that is applied along with a per-minute rate.  If you do have inclusive free minutes on your line for landlines or mobiles, you can use these to make the calls and it won’t cost you anything.

Examples of popular Rochdale (01706) phone numbers

Most companies and organisations in Rochdale will use a local number because people often trust a number more when they know where it is from – there’s a bit of distrust towards some non-geographic numbers as they are associated with cold calling sales people.  So, the most popular attractions and businesses around town will use the local number including:

  • 01706 924 492 – Touchstones Rochdale is an award-winning heritage and art centre, and this is their main telephone line for visitor information, opening times and exhibit information
  • 01706 524 920 – Rochdale Pioneers Museum is the museum commemorating the co-operative movement and this line lets you check opening times and other information
  • 01706 642 008 – Curtain Theatre’s main line for tickets, bookings and to find out about the Rochdale Amateur Dramatic Society who are based there

Welcome to Rochdale

Rochdale is a market town in Greater Manchester that had a large part to play in the early years of the Industrial Revolution.  The modern town is home to a great shopping area with high street chains and local shops as well as a number of museums including Touchstones.  There is also a great theatre scene, with the Curtain Theatre at the centre.  You can also find out about the Co-Operative Movement which started here and is featured at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum.