Richmond Upon Thames

Call 020 8891 1411

The Richmond London Borough Council is the council that handles all local authority services for the Richmond Upon Thames area of Greater London.  The council has its main offices in York House in Twickenham.

The council helps residents with a wide range of services ranging from primary school education to social care for the elderly.  It offers housing as well as waste and recycling collections, oversees libraries and sports facilities and collects council tax from residents.

There are 18 wards in the borough:

  1. Barnes
  2. East Sheen
  3. Fulwell & Hampton Hill
  4. Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside
  5. Hampton
  6. Hampton North
  7. Hampton Wick
  8. Heathfield
  9. Kew
  10. Mortlake & Barnes Common
  11. North Richmond
  12. South Richmond
  13. South Twickenham
  14. St Margaret’s & North Twickenham
  15. Teddington
  16. Twickenham Riverside
  17. West Twickenham
  18. Whitton

Contacting the council

There are two main options for contacting the council about the various services they offer – their website and their contact numbers.  The website is and here you can find out information about all of their services as well as apply for some things and pay others – such as business rates or council tax.

The main contact number for the council is 020 8891 1411 or 020 8831 6001 if you use a minicom.  There is an emergency out of hours number which is 020 8744 2442 or 08456 007 752 for Mincom users.

For businesses, you can call 020 8891 7725 to get information or pay your business rates as well as use the email address [email protected] to get information.  For licensing queries, call 020 8831 6455 and for Trading Standards, call 020 8891 7994.

If you want to talk to the council about or pay your council tax, call 020 8891 1411.  The same number also handles housing benefit and council tax reductions. For education welfare services you ring 020 8487 5479 and for school admissions contact 020 8547 5569.

The housing information and advice team are available on 020 8891 7409 and the Environmental Health team (known as the Private Sector Housing team) are on 020 8487 5123.