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Customer services

Pockit was created to help the estimated 8 million people in the UK who don’t have a bank account or receive poor service from traditional, high street banks.  This limits their ability to shop online or get the best deals when paying by card.

If you want to get a Pockit account, you start the process on their website,  Here you can complete the online form with a few pieces of your information and make the initial 99p payment to open the account.  The account is available for anyone and there are no credit checks involved so if you have a poor credit rating, this won’t stop you getting an account with them.

Once you have completed the form you get instant access to your new account number and sort code.  You will also receive a new contactless MasterCard that pairs with your account by post normally within 48 hours.

If you want to talk to Pockit about the process or to check the progress of your card if you think it hasn’t turned up, you can ring their customer services team on 020 3322 9170.

They will be able to handle all queries relating to opening your new account including if you are having problems completing the application form or processing the fee. The lines are open from 9am until 6pm 7 days a week.

How to use your account

Once you have set up your Pockit account, you can immediately transfer money into it via bank transfer.  You can also make use of the 28,000 PayPoints around the UK – if you are unsure where the nearest one is to your location, you can check here.  You can also use ATMs around the country and internationally to withdraw the money you have put into the account.  And your MasterCard is valid anywhere online, on the high street and abroad where the Acceptance Mark is showing.

You can have wages and benefits paid into your account, but proof is required.  If you want to know what proof they need to allow this, you can ring customer services on 020 3322 9170.  Once you have moved money into the account you can also make international transfers to any countries using the Euro as well as selected other countries including the Philippines and Poland.

Fees for using the account

Pockit operates a simple fee structure that is different to other cards.  You pay just 99p to set up the account and there are a number of other services that have the same charge applied to them.  These include paying with cash, transferring money to a different account and withdrawing money. There is also a 99p monthly membership fee for having the account.

There are also a number of transactions that are free, so no charge is associated with them.  These include using the card to make in-store or online purchases, having wages or benefits paid in or paying in by bank transfer.  A full list of their fees is available on their website.

Cashback dealsCashback deals

Pockit have also organised a range of cashback deals with leading high street and online retailers where people using their card will get a cashback on their spend with the retailer.  Examples of this include Marks & Spencer who offer 6% cashback for in-store and online purchases and Argos who offer 4%. Clothing stores such as New Look (7%), Yours (7%) and JD Sports (2%) are also on the list while you can get 10% cashback when you buy in-store from jewellers Ernest Jones and H Samuel with your card.  You can find a full list of the companies involved in the deal here – or you can ring their customer services team on 020 3322 9170 to discuss with them.


Once you have set up your Pockit account, you can then log into their website and if you have a query, you can send an email via this page  This can be used for queries about your account, countries to transfer money to or other aspects of using your account.  Remember, Pockit is a prepaid card, not a bank account so they don’t offer the same facilities as a full bank account.

Social media

As well as their phone number, email and app, Pockit also have a social media presence where you can find out about their products, the latest cashback deals and even message customer service staff.  You can find them at:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –