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PayPal Customer Services – 0800 358 7911

You can call freephone number 0800 358 7911 in order to speak to someone about your PayPal account.  This is the general queries number that can help with account issues, forgotten passwords or usernames and also problems with withdrawing and depositing money into and out of the account.  It can also help with issues around sending and receiving payments.

The freephone number is free from all UK numbers and is also available for complaints.  The team can then either solve the problem or help you see how to escalate it if you aren’t happy with the solution.  There is also a formal complaint email to use which you can find at which can be used if you are opening a dispute or filing a claim against a PayPal seller.  If the queries are for items not received or defective goods, then use the resolution centre –

The customer service team is available from 8 am until 10 pm weekdays and until 9 pm Saturdays, as well as 9 am until 9 pm Sundays.  Bank holidays may change these hours.  0800 numbers are free from all UK phones.


How To Call PayPal From Abroad – +353 1 436 9004

If you need to contact PayPal from outside the UK, they have an international number +353 1 436 9004.  This number will help you with account issues when you are outside the UK.  Calls to this number do cost more than for the UK calls on landlines and this depends on where you are calling from.  Mobiles and payphones will also incur a higher charge than would if you were calling from the UK.

How to Make the Most of PayPal

PayPal has quickly become the gold standard for online transactions and is now a company in its own right.  Originally a part of eBay, the company now offers its services across thousands of merchants for personal and business use.  But if you have never used the site before, here’s a comprehensive guide to setting up and using a PayPal account.

Setting up an PayPal account

ou can use PayPal to make payments without having an account, but it means entering your bank or card details every time.  However, if you set up an account, you can take advantage of the site to pay money straight from your account or card.  This is because PayPal securely stores the card and account information that you add so you don’t have to input them after setting up the account.

To set up, you will need either a bank account or debit or credit card number to get started.  You create an account with a username which is your chosen email address and a password – you can always use software like LastPass to remember this password and to generate a secure, random one.

You will be asked to add a few basic details to set up the account and then you need to verify your account or card.  This is done by taking a payment of £1 from the account or putting a payment in – this transaction will have a special code on it that you collect from your bank statement.  You put this into the applicable place on PayPal while you are setting up the account and this verifies your account.  If you have any trouble with this process, you can contact PayPal customer service number to get help.

Adding extra payment options to your PayPal account

Once you have set up your bank account, you can add extra payment options such as credit or debit cards.  You can also use other bank accounts and follow the same verification process if you have more than one account that you use.

Once you have put these different payment methods into the account you can then choose which you use.  You can set up a default which PayPal will use automatically but you can also change it to something different every time you make a payment – so if you want to use a credit card for one shop but your bank account for the rest.

If you receive money into PayPal such as from selling things on eBay or from money transferred from someone else, you can elect to use this PayPal balance first before anything is taken from your card or account.

Secure shopping PayPal - 0800 358 7911

One of the main reasons so many people trust PayPal with their online transactions is the high level of security that it offers.  Every transaction is sent with advanced encryption technology to protect your details from hackers and cybercriminals.  This means there is a much lower chance of your information or bank details being stolen than using a less secure payment method.

PayPal also has a fraud protection system that means they monitor every transaction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Their aim is to prevent fraud and identity theft as well as help with things like phishing emails and other scams.  If you think you have fallen victim to one you can ring the PayPal freephone number to report the problem.  There is also a dedicated email address for potentially fraudulent emails claiming to be from PayPal – [email protected]

PayPal Buyers protection - 0800 358 7911

PayPal’s buyer protection comes from their original partnership with eBay and is aimed to give people shopping online extra reassurance.  It helps you in a range of ways including:

  • You bought a book, but the seller sent a DVD
  • You bought an item listed as new, but it was used
  • You bought three of an item but only receive two
  • The item was damaged in the post
  • The item was missing parts that weren’t specified as missing in the description
  • You receive a copy item rather than a genuine one

The protection is there to help if you have been misled or something is wrong with the item based on the description given by the seller.  It doesn’t cover some things such as motorised vehicles, real estate or custom-made items.  And the protection doesn’t exist if you send money to friends or family.

PayPal Special offers and deals

Because PayPal is involved with so many companies around the world and is the preferred payment transaction option, they often get deals and special offers from these partners.  Check out their special page for deals to see what offers you can get when using your PayPal account including money off at clothes retailers, discount on your weekly shop and special offers from companies around the world.

Sending and receiving money

Another benefit of PayPal is the ability to send and receive money from friends and family.  Say your son is away at university and finds himself a little short for the week – you can just send him some money via PayPal.  Or your friend picked up the bar tab last night because you forget your wallet – you can send him your share via the site.

The PayPal app is the easiest way to do this and allows you to connect your address book then select a friend from it to send the money.  It takes an average of 20 seconds to send the money and you can send it around the world.  There are 25 currencies available and all you need is an email address or mobile number to send the cash.

You can even send money as a gift with a range of personalised message cards available when you have someone’s email address.  And you can receive money with the creation of a unique link that you can then share.

Helpful PayPal Contact Numbers & Email



Customer services including complaints 0800 358 7911
International queries +353 1 436 9004
Email PayPal customer services
Write to PayPal PayPal Europe,

PO Box 9473,



Alternative PayPal Contact Options

PayPal has quickly become the benchmark for online payment companies.  With their high level of security, 24/7 help and customer service phone numbers and ease of use, the company are the top way to send and receive money over the internet for millions of people.


There is a comprehensive online help and email system for PayPal on their website.  You can see this at  If you want to report a fraudulent or spam email you can simply forward it to their dedicated email address at [email protected]

Write to PayPal

While online queries remain the fastest option to contact PayPal, you can still send written correspondence to the company or send a cheque to clear a PayPal balance at the following address:

  • PayPal Europe,
  • PO Box 9473,
  • Dublin15,
  • Ireland.

Social Media

As a modern payment processing company, PayPal has a strong social media presence and you can contact them through the following sites: