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This is a non affiliated call connection service. The call connection telephone numbers supplied by are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

O2 Pay Monthly Number – 0344 809 0202

To speak to the dedicated Pay Monthly customer services team, you can call 0344 809 0202.  This number can help with queries around your bill or making a payment as well as questions around an upgrade.  The number is also a general enquiries line so if you don’t know which department you need, call 0344 809 0202 and they will put you in touch with the right people.  

If you are using your O2 mobile, you can dial 202 to get through to this team and if you are calling from abroad, dial +44 344 809 0202.

The lines are open from 8am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm on Saturdays and from 8am until 6pm on Sundays – times may be different on bank holidays.  Numbers starting 03 are charged at 12p a minute on most landlines and up to 45p a minute on mobiles although some of the cost will be covered by free minutes if you have any.  

Calls internationally to the helpline are free from O2 mobiles but will cost more on other phones.

o2 business customer service
o2 4g

O2 Pay & Go Number – 0344 809 0222

To speak to the Pay & Go team at O2 on a local rate number, you can call 0344 809 0222.  This can help with problems with your service, look at Bundles and Bolt-on packages and any other queries.  You can also call 4445 from an O2 mobile at a call cost of 25p per minute.  Opening times are weekdays 8am until 9pm, until 8pm on Saturdays and until 6pm on Sundays.

To top up your O2 phone, call 4444 from your phone for free or ring 0345 606 2277 from a landline.

O2 general contact number:

0871 789 2182

Call to numbers starting 0871 are charged at 13p per minute plus any call costs from your provider.  As a call connection service, please read the disclaimer.

O2 departments and opening hours

O2 DepartmentTelephone numberAvailable
Pay Monthly contracts202 Weekdays 8am until 9pm, Saturdays 8am until 8pm, Sundays 8am until 6pm
Pay Monthly (calling from abroad)+44 344 809 0202 Weekdays 8am until 9pm, Saturdays 8am until 8pm, Sundays 8am until 6pm
Pay & Go customers2202 Weekdays 8am until 9pm, Saturdays 8am until 8pm, Sundays 8am until 6pm
Pay & Go (calling from abroad)+44 786 098 0202 Weekdays 8am until 9pm, Saturdays 8am until 8pm, Sundays 8am until 6pm
Top Up (Landline)0345 606 227724 hours
Top Up (02 Mobile)444424 hours
Business Customer (all queries)0800 977 7337Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Business Support8002Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Business Support (calling from abroad)+44 844 809 0200Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Customer Service (Online Business customers)0800 977 7027Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Mobile Phone Sales (retail)0844 202 0202Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Business customers (less than 10 people)0800 028 0202Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm
Business customers (more than 10 people)0800 298 8848Weekdays 8am until 8pm, Weekends 9am to 5pm



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O2 contact number for any customers on Pay Monthly contracts – 0344 809 0202

If you have questions about your Pay Monthly account then you can ring O2 on 0344 809 0202.  The Pay Monthly scheme means you pay a fixed tariff amount every month that includes data, minutes and text allowance to use within that set period.  If you are running out of these credits and need more, you can ring this number to talk to someone about what your options are.  The contracts also come with a selection of phones to choose from, some with an upfront fee and all with a monthly cost.  If you are ringing from an existing O2 phone, you can just dial 202 to reach this team.

If your contract is due to expire, you will be eligible for a new phone although with O2 Refresh.  This lets you renew your contract early and get the choice of a new device.  You can use the website section to find out more and selection a phone – – or you can call customer services or even visit one of the stores.  You can use to find your nearest store by town name or postcode.

When you are on O2 Refresh, your bill comes in two parts – one for the phone and the other for the airtime plan.

When you trade in your device, you have to clear the remaining amount of the phone balance.  Once this is cleared, you can pick the new phone that you want.  You can also use O2’s recycling scheme to get some money for your old phone.

To see what your phone is worth to recycle, go to and put in the details.  You can even choose the sell option if you are ready to go ahead with the sale immediately.  You then send the phone to the address provided and the money will be sent to you.  There is a fast payment option that would see money put into your account on the same day.  Recycling can earn you cash and also help the environment by correctly disposing of the old phone – it even helps the company improve lives of young kids around the UK through their different schemes.

Customer services team – 0344 809 0222

If you need to call the ‘pay as you go’ team, you can do so on 0344 809 0222 or by calling 2202 from an O2 mobile.  The difference between Pay Monthly (known as contract customers by some) and pay as you go is that the latter doesn’t involve a monthly bill.  Instead, you top up with credits as you need them.  It does mean that you don’t get any free minutes, texts or data and have to pay for everything.

To call the number, you do need to have enough credits to do so.  You will also get messages to remind you when you are low on credit and then you can opt to go and top up straight away.  You can also use different ways to check how many credits you have left:

  •         Call 2202 from your mobile
  •         Hit *#10# then the call button for an automated figure
  •         Press ‘2’ on your keypad for the hotkey credit checking service

You can use your Pay as You Go account in over 200 countries around the world and can access over 400 networks.  O2 Travel means you can also use the internet at a lower rate than normal when you are in Europe.

Voicemail is also available when you are abroad but listening to messages is like calling the UK so you would see a charge of the same rate.  You don’t receive a charge for receiving the voicemails so if you don’t need to listen to them urgently, you can wait until you come home.  Always know your PIN for the voicemail service, otherwise, you won’t be able to access the messages.

Call 901 from your device to access the voicemail and you will be sent straight to the inbox or be required to enter your PIN number.  When you first get the phone or do a reset, you will need to set a PIN and you can change this PIN at any time by dialling 901 then pressing * and option 4.

If you have trouble resetting your PIN via this method, you can text the word RESET to 802901 and a temporary PIN will be issued to you.  

Once you use this to access the account, make sure you change it to something difficult for anyone to guess but easy for you to remember.  You can also disable voicemail by dialling 1760 from your phone.

It is best to keep your network to manual rather than automatic on pay as you go then the phone doesn’t automatically connect to a network as you move around and incur roaming fees.  On manual, if there is no O2 signal, it won’t just connect to another network.

O2 Business Customer Service – 0800 977 7337

You can call the O2 business customer services department on 0800 977 7337 for dedicated help.  

The line is open weekdays from 8-8 and on weekends from 9-5.  If you only use O2 Online services, then instead call 0800 977 7027 which is a dedicated team.

Complain to O2 – 0344 809 0202

You can use the general enquiries number 0344 809 0202 to complain about your service, device or other matter connected with O2.  

This number can help you get through to the right department such as 0344 809 0202 for monthly customers and 0344 809 0222 for Pay & Go customers.  

All are local rate numbers.  If you have a problem with your home or broadband services through the company, you can call 0800 230 0202 while business customers can call 0800 977 7337.

Should you be unhappy with the complaint, you can speak to a manager.  There is also the O2 Complaint Review Service that operates via email at [email protected] or to put the complaint in writing, sends it to:

  • O2 Complaint Review Service,
  • PO Box 302,
  • Dunstable,
  • LU6 9GN,
  • United Kingdom.

O2 aim to respond to all contact within five days.  Should you feel the complaint still hasn’t been handled satisfactorily, you can escalate to the ombudsman by calling the local rate 0330 440 1614 or by sending it in writing to:

  • Telecommunications Ombudsman Service
  • PO Box 730,
  • Warrington,
  • WA4 6WU,
  • United Kingdom.

O2 Drive – 0330 018 0802

If you want to query an O2 Drive policy or look at starting one, call 0330 018 0802.  This is a local rate number that allows you to discuss their box-tracking car insurance policy.  It is also available for additional services such as Car Assistant to book a car service, MOT or to fix a breakdown.  You can also use the features of the service from the free app or by calling 0800 781 8092 once you have a policy.

If you need to send documents regarding this policy, send them to:

  • O2 Drive,
  • Insurance Services,
  • Unit 25 Tresham Road,
  • Orton Southgate,
  • Peterborough,
  • PE2 6BU,
  • United Kingdom.

O2 Customer Service Numbers



General Customer Service08431 337 102
Complaints department08431 337 102
Pay Monthly customer support0344 809 0202
Pay & Go customer support0344 809 0222
General Business Customer Service0800 977 7337
O2 Drive customers0330 018 0802


About call costs – numbers starting 03 are charged at the same rate as local 01 and 02 numbers so this is 12p a minute from BT landlines and up to 45p from mobiles.  Check with your provider for full details.  Free minutes sometimes count towards this call cost.  0800 numbers are free from all types of phone in the UK.

Alternative ways to contact O2

Visit O2 In Store

O2 has some 500 stores around the UK, making them the second largest telecommunications provider.  If you want to find your nearest store, check

O2 Network Checker

To see if your area if your area is covered by the O2 network, you can use the official Network Coverage Checker at

Write to O2

You can also write to O2 on any matter and use their official address:

  • Telefónica UK Limited,
  • Correspondence Department,
  • PO Box 202,
  • Houghton Regis,
  • LU6 9AG
  • United Kingdom.

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Call Costs

  • 0870 calls cost 13p a minute service charge plus the access charge from your company and aren’t covered by free minutes
  • 0843 numbers cost 7p a minute service charge plus the access charge from your company and aren’t covered by free minutes
  • 01, 02 and 03 numbers have no service charge and only a basic common access charge set by your company and usually are part of free minutes
  • 0800 and 0808 numbers are generally free with no access or service charge and don’t use your free minutes