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Customer services

Customer services

For the Nationwide customer services team, call 0800 30 20 11.  This line is specific for Flex current account customers who want to extend their overdraft, move money between accounts or even check their rewards.  If you don’t have an account but want to open one, you can do this with this number. There are also special deals available for students at university or college.

This number also serves as a branch finger to locate and make an appointment with one of their branches around the UK.  They have trained financial advisers who can help with your account or other issues such as setting up a joint fund. The line also has an automated service to check your account balance, offering technical support or troubleshoot problems with the online service they offer.  You can even use it to reset login information if you have lost these.

Nationwide’s number is free to call from mobiles or landlines and the automated service is available 24 hours a day.  Otherwise, you can ring the numbers below for the different types of accounts.

Nationwide current account contact numbers

General Customer services – UK0800 302 011
General Customer services – international+44 1793 656 789
Open a new Nationwide account0800 30 20 10
FlexPlus account queries – UK0800 11 88 55
FlexPlus account queries – international+44 1793 541 200
FlexDirect account queries – UK0800 357 357
FlexDirect account queries – international+44 1793 656 789

Nationwide credit cardsNationwide credit cards – 0800 055 6611

If you want to contact Nationwide about your credit card with them, call 0800 055 6611.  You can check your bill or request a credit limit increase. You can also report a lost or stolen card to stop it being used fraudulently.

If you want to apply for a new credit card, then call 0800 30 20 10 instead.  This number can tell you about interest or APR rates and how much your payment would be.  Both lines are freephone number that cost nothing to ring from mobiles or landlines.

Nationwide credit card phone numbers – a short summary

Customer services – UK0800 055 6611
Customer services – international+44 247 643 8997
Apply for a new Nationwide credit card0800 30 20 10
Lost & stolen Nationwide credit card – UK0800 055 6622
Lost & stolen Nationwide credit card – international+44 247 643 8996

Savings accounts – 0800 30 20 11

The main number for Nationwide savings customers to ring is 0800 30 20 11.  This is where you can open a new savings account, deposit money into your account or see about withdrawal conditions for an ISA.  If you want to remove your funds and close the account, you can do that through this number. If you have a MySave account, then ring 0800 464 3015 instead.  Both lines are freephone numbers.

Nationwide savings contact numbers

Savings Customer services – UK0800 30 20 11
Savings Customer services – international+44 179 365 6789
MySave account enquiries0800 464 3015

Loans – 0800 545 3000

You can call Nationwide for a quote on a loan by ringing 0800 545 3000.  This line also handles general queries such as the amount outstanding on the loan.  You can ring this line if you are having financial difficulties that affect your ability to make regular repayments and they can look at options available for you.  Or if you want to pay off the loan, then you can ring this line to make a payment. If you are calling from outside the UK, you should ring +44 179 365 6789 although this will cost more and how much depends on where you are and the time of the call.

Nationwide mortgages

Nationwide mortgages – 0800 30 20 11

The Nationwide mortgages team are available on 0800 30 20 11.  You can ring them for queries about your mortgage or to look at remortgaging.  You can also talk about borrowing more money on your mortgage or look at the process of moving to a new property and changing your mortgage.  Lines are open from 8am until 8pm weekdays and 9am until 5pm Saturdays.

Nationwide mortgage department phone numbers – full list

Customer services (mortgages)0800 30 20 11
Switching to a Nationwide mortgage0800 171 2371
Moving home (change mortgage)0800 171 2370
Borrow more on your Nationwide mortgage0800 121 74 66
Apply for a mortgage – first time buyers0800 121 6949
Apply for a mortgage – new home0800 171 2368
Apply for a mortgage – track your application0800 464 3000
Remortgage your property0800 171 2369

Nationwide home insurance – 0800 051 0234

If you want to chat with Nationwide about home insurance, call 0800 051 0234.  This is for general queries about your cover as well as adding extras to your policy due as valuables cover.  If you need to make a claim, you can use one of the numbers below:

Contact numbers for Nationwide home insurance – all at once

Customer services (home insurance)0800 051 0234
Get a quote for your home insurance cover0800 141 2162
Make a claim on your home insurance0800 051 0216
24-hour emergency helpline0800 464 3025
Legal assistance0800 464 3026
Counselling, tax and health advice0800 464 3131

Car insurance – 0800 028 5688

You can ring 0800 028 5688 to talk to Nationwide about your car insurance policy.  This is a freephone number and the team can help with everything from changing your car to reporting an accident.  You can also ring it to get a quote from them for a policy that is due and find out about monthly payment options. If you need roadside assistance from your breakdown cover with Nationwide or windscreen replacement, you can ring 0800 028 5688.  Lines are open 8am until 9pm weekdays, 8am until 5pm Saturdays and 9am until 5pm Sundays and some bank holidays.

Full list of Nationwide car insurance phone numbers

General car insurance enquiries0800 028 5688
Make a car insurance claim – UK0800 028 57 99
Make a car insurance claim – international+44 1202 731 167
Track an existing claim0800 028 57 73
Get a quote for car insurance0800 756 8850
Autoglass windscreen repair0800 011 39 80
Breakdown cover – UK0800 756 8997
Breakdown cover – international+44 1202 55 5372

Travel insurance – 0800 051 0164

If you want to chat about your travel policy with Nationwide, then ring 0800 051 0164 if you have a FlexPlus or FlexAccount.  For existing customers, you can renew your cover on this line. You can also notify about changes to travel information, your personal information or health conditions.  For emergency assistance, check out the numbers below.

Nationwide travel insurance contact numbers – a summary

Customer services & non-emergency claims (UK)0800 051 0164
Customer services & non-emergency claims (international)+44 179 365 6789
UK emergency assistance – FlexAccount customers01413 490 109
UK emergency assistance – FlexPlus customers01413 490 288
International emergency assistance – FlexAccount customers+44 1413 490 109
International emergency assistance – FlexPlus customers+44 1413 490 288

Appointments – 0800 328 7812

If you want to book an appointment with a Nationwide financial advisor, you can ring 0800 328 7812.  These appointments can be used to talk about financial matters such as loans or mortgages, savings or ISAs.  You can also see how your savings or investments are doing. Lines are open from 8:30am until 7:30pm weekdays and from 9am until 12:20pm Saturdays.

Complaints – 0800 302 015

To make a complaint about Nationwide you can ring the dedicated freephone number 0800 302 015.  Here you can complain about staff service, how your finances have been handled or if you think you have been unfairly denied credit.  You can also send the complaint in writing to:

The Complaints Team,

Nationwide Building Society,

NW 2020,


SN38 1NW,

United Kingdom.

Nationwide Building Society phone numbers – all in one

Current accounts – customer services (UK)0800 302 011
Current accounts – customer services (international)+44 1793 656 789
Current accounts – Open a new current account0800 30 20 10
Current accounts – FlexPlus accounts (UK)0800 11 88 55
Current accounts – FlexPlus accounts (international)+44 1793 541 200
Current accounts – FlexDirect accounts (UK)0800 357 357
Current accounts – FlexDirect accounts (international)+44 1793 656 789
Nationwide credit cards – customer services (UK)0800 055 6611
Nationwide credit cards – customer services (international)+44 247 643 8997
Nationwide credit cards – new applications0800 30 20 10
Nationwide credit cards – lost & stolen cards (UK)0800 055 6622
Nationwide credit cards – lost & stolen cards (international)+44 247 643 8996
Savings accounts – customer services (UK)0800 30 20 11
Savings accounts – customer services (international)+44 179 365 6789
Savings accounts – MySave account enquiries0800 464 3015
Loan applications and queries – UK0800 545 3000
Loans applications and queries – international+44 179 365 6789
Nationwide mortgages – customer services0800 30 20 11
Nationwide mortgages – switching to Nationwide0800 171 2371
Nationwide mortgages – moving home (existing customers)0800 171 2370
Nationwide mortgages – increase your borrowing0800 121 74 66
Nationwide mortgages – applications (first time buyers)0800 121 6949
Nationwide mortgages – applications (moving to a new home)0800 171 2368
Nationwide mortgages – applications (track an application)0800 464 3000
Nationwide mortgages – applications (remortgaging)0800 171 2369
Home insurance – customer services0800 051 0234
Home insurance – get a quote for home insurance0800 141 2162
Home insurance – make a claim on home insurance0800 051 0216
Home insurance – emergency helpline0800 464 3025
Home insurance – legal assistance0800 464 3026
Home insurance – counselling, tax and health advice0800 464 3131
Nationwide car insurance – general enquiries0800 028 5688
Nationwide car insurance – claims (UK)0800 028 57 99
Nationwide car insurance – claims (international)+44 1202 731 167
Nationwide car insurance – track an existing claim0800 028 57 73
Nationwide car insurance – quotes for car insurance0800 756 8850
Nationwide car insurance – Autoglass windscreen repair0800 011 39 80
Nationwide car insurance – breakdown cover (UK)0800 756 8997
Nationwide car insurance – breakdown cover (international)+44 1202 55 5372
Travel insurance – customer services & non-emergency claims (UK)0800 051 0164
Travel insurance – customer services & non-emergency claims (international)+44 179 365 6789
Travel insurance – UK emergency assistance (FlexAccount)01413 490 109
Travel insurance – UK emergency assistance (FlexPlus)01413 490 288
Travel insurance – international emergency assistance (FlexAccount)+44 1413 490 109
Travel insurance – international emergency assistance (FlexPlus)+44 1413 490 288
Make an appointment with a financial advisor0800 328 7812
Complaints (all)0800 302 015

Alternative ways to contact Nationwide

If you don’t want to use the various helplines, then there are other ways to contact Nationwide including email, postal addresses and social media.

Write to Nationwide

To write to Nationwide, you can use their head office and send the letters there.  Do remember that you will get a faster response if you call or email but if you need to send paperwork you can do it to this address:

Nationwide Building Society,

Nationwide House,

Pipers Way,


SN38 1NW,

United Kingdom.

Email address

You can email Nationwide on their customer service email address at [email protected] or you can visit their online portal and send a secure message that way to the department you require via

Connect with Nationwide on social media

Social media is a great way to find the latest deals and products from Nationwide and can also be used to get in touch with them with some queries.  You can find them at:

See Nationwide’s posts on Facebook

Send a Tweet to Nationwide via their Twitter customer service help-desk

Add Nationwide to your inner circle on Google+

Watch their promotional videos on YouTube

Check out the Nationwide profile page on LinkedIn