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Milton Keynes Council is the council responsible for the Borough of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.  It is based in the Civic Offices in the town and the main switchboard number is 01908 691691.


If you live in Milton Keynes or are planning to move there, the council is responsible for a good number of services including transport, schools and benefits.  You can use the above number to get in touch with them as well as via their website.

The Highways and Transport Hub operated by the council is the place to find out about everything from planned roadworks to bus times.  It contains information about where you can park around the town and what to do if you get a parking ticket. There is even information about car share systems.  If you spot a problem with the roads such as a pothole or a street light failure, this is where you can report this. And you can find out about highway maintenance as well as new initiatives for the roads around the town.

The Adult Social Care Hub is the place to go to find out about the various adult health facilities and initiatives operated by Milton Keynes Council  They offer help to get fit and to stay healthy as well as get support when you need it. There is also information for people working in social care and health to get the information they need.

For children, there is a range of services including early years and childcare as well as education for two-year-olds.  There is also a section if you are worried about a child and a way to search for approved childcare.

 Milton Keynes - Map


Since 2014, there have been 19 wards across Milton Keynes with a total of 57 councillors representing them, three for each.  The wards are:

  1. Bletchley East
  2. Bletchley Park
  3. Bletchley West
  4. Bradwell
  5. Broughton
  6. Campbell Park & Old Woughton
  7. Central Milton Keynes
  8. Danesborough & Walton
  9. Loughton & Shenley
  10. Monkston
  11. Newport Pagnell North & Hanslope
  12. Newport Pagnell South
  13. Olney
  14. Shenley Brook End
  15. Stantonbury
  16. Stony Stratford
  17. Tattenhoe
  18. Wolverton
  19. Woughton & Fishermead

Contact the council

The main council offices are available through the contact number 01908 691691.  This line is open from 9am until 17:15 weekdays. There is also an out of hours emergency number 01908 226699 if you need urgent help outside normal working hours.  If you want to send a query via email you can do this to [email protected] and there is also a contact form on the main website

There are two main locations to visit the council and speak to someone in person.  The headquarters of the council is located on the Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East.  The other location is the Saxon County Offices on 502 Avebury Boulevard. Both are within the central area of the town.

The council also operate a Facebook page and a Twitter account to offer extra contact options.  Details of these can be found on the contact us page