Milton Keynes

01908 is Milton Keynes Area Code

If you are calling someone in Milton Keynes, then the area code for these numbers is 01908 so all numbers start with this prefix.

The area code applies to everyone living within Milton Keynes as well as any businesses based in the town and is a default area code.  Normally, residents and companies in the area will have a number starting with 01908 and followed by another six numbers.  If you spot a number on your phone that starts with this code, you know it is most likely to be someone from this area.

Cost of phoning Milton Keynes (01908)

Because these numbers are classed as geographic numbers and start with 01, then there are standard call costs across the country.  This means 01908 calls cost the same as any other local rate number which is normally an access charge plays a per-minute rate.  It also means if you have inclusive minutes, you will normally be able to make the call for free under your tariff.

How to call a Milton Keynes number from abroad

If you need to call a number in this area code from outside the UK, all you need to do is remove the first ‘0’ and replaced it with the international dialling code for the country which is +44.  This would make the first part of the number into +441908 followed by the rest of the number as normal. So, for example, The Centre:MK is a shopping centre in the town and its number is 01908 398 115 but from abroad this would be +441908 398 115.

Popular examples of Milton Keynes phone numbers

People like to use location-based numbers because you get a feel about where a company is from – so this number links them with the Milton Keynes area.  This is a way around the unscrupulous cold-calling tactics that we have all experienced.  A few of the popular numbers for this area code include:

  • 01908 398 115 – The Centre:MK is the largest shopping centre in Milton Keynes with over 200 shops and eating places
  • 01908 547 548 – Milton Keynes Theatre is where you ring to book tickets, to change a reservation or even to discuss lost property while visiting the theatre
  • 01908 640 404 – Bletchley Park Museum is a famous location from World War II and the number is great to check opening times or information about special exhibits at the former code-breaking location.

Areas using 01908 area code

BletchleyMilton KeynesStony Stratford
Bradwell AbbeyNewport PagnellWoburn Sands
Fenny StratfordShenley Church EndWolverton
HanslopeStoke GoldingtonYardley Gobion


Top things to do in Milton Keynes

  • There are plenty of shops to visit when in Milton Keynes with The Centre: MK being the biggest but also lots of smaller boutique shops and other shopping areas around the town.  For leisure facilities, Xscape centre has an indoor ski slope and snow dome for winter sports.
  • Milton Keynes Theatre is the venue to visit for a range of theatre options but also for comedy acts and musicals as well as some groups and other plays.
  • Milton Keynes may be a new town but there’s still plenty of history.  Bletchley Park is the former World War II code-breaking base where the famous Enigma machine was operated.  It is now a museum and is just outside the town.