Middlesbrough Area Code: 01642

01642 is the Middlesbrough Area Code

If you need to call a telephone number in Middlesbrough you need to ring 01642.
This is the UK area code for the town of Middlesbrough so if you were ringing a person or a business you would first ring 01642 then another 6 numbers afterwards.  Calls coming from these numbers will also start with the same digits.

All localities & districts that use the 01642 area code

BillinghamIngleby BarwickStainton
Eston GrangeMaron in ClevelandStokesley
Great AytonMiddlesbroughThornaby-on-Tees
Haverton HillRedcarYarm
Hutton RudbySeal Sands

Cost of calling a 01642 (Middlesbrough) phone number

When you call a 01642 number the same rate applies to all other 01 or 02 numbers across the UK. So, if you were calling someone in Middlesbrough from a landline it will cost you a variable per minute rate that is set by the time that you make the call as well as the standard setup fee from your provider. If you call the number from a mobile it should be free as long as you have some inclusive minutes that you can use to make the call. Otherwise, it costs the same as from a landline.

How to make an international call to Middlesbrough

If you need to call and 01642 number from outside the UK, you do need to do things a little differently. To start with take the 0 from the front of the number leaving you with 1642. You then need to add the international dialling code + 44 to the start of the number to be able to call from outside the UK.  This would make the number 01642 813 781 into +441642 813 781.

Some Middlesbrough general enquiries phone numbers

Many people see numbers that start with a local number as being more trustworthy than those that start with a non-geographic number. That’s why many businesses in the Middlesbrough area use 01642 in their number. Some examples of Middlesbrough phone numbers include:

  • 01642 813 781 – Dorman Museum’s general number to check opening times and other information including to see the work of designer Christopher Dresser
  • 01642 727 265 – Tees Transporter Bridge is a Middlesbrough icon and this number lets you contact the visitor centre
  • 01642 815 181 – Middlesbrough Theatre’s tickets and enquiries number is where to ring to find out what is on

Visit Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is a large town with a history connected to the Industrial Revolution but in more recent times has become a cultured place with attractions including the Mima Gallery of Modern Art and the Dorman Museum. This house is the largest collection of works by Christopher Dresser. There are also a lot of excellent shopping areas to visit with both High Street brands and independent boutique shops available.