Manchester Area Code: 0161

0161 is the Manchester Area Code

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK and has its own dialling code – 0161.
Numbers for those living in Manchester or businesses based in the city will start with 0161 and be followed by another seven numbers.  Calls received that start with 0161 will mostly come from homes and businesses in the city.


How to call 0161 (Manchester) phone numbers from abroad

While you can use this code as it is to ring from inside the UK, you need to change it a little to ring outside the UK.  You need to use the international dialling code in place of the first zero and for the UK, this code is +44.  So, a number such as MUFC’s main line which is normally 0161 848 8000 would instead be +44161 868 8000 if you were abroad.

Cost of calling 0161 (Manchester) phone numbers

Under regulations, all 01 and 02 numbers are classed as local rate numbers and therefore should be charged the same.  Providers use a system of an access charge and a per minute rate that is cheaper off peak than peak (during the day) and your provider can tell you what yours is.  Both landlines and mobiles will also be able to use their inclusive free minutes to call these numbers without being charged for them.

Some popular Manchester (0161) phone numbers

The 0161 number is a well-recognised number around the UK and people put more stock in these numbers because they are associated with an area.  People think they are less likely to be cold calling sales calls rather than from a local business or a friend.  Most of the businesses around Manchester also have at least one local number including:

  • 0161 868 8000 – Manchester United FC’s main ticket line and helpline is a local Manchester number
  • 0161 749 2222 – Chill Factore is one of the biggest indoor ski slopes in the UK and this is their main booking number
  • 0161 817 3490 – Albert Hall’s main ticket line is also a local number and can be used to check events and book tickets

Welcome to Manchester

Manchester is the third biggest city in England is located in the north-west area.  It has a long industrial history and is a great place for shopping and culture.  It is also famous for its sporting associations, particular with football with two successful and history teams in the city – Manchester United and Manchester City.  Nightlife is another popular reason to visit the city with the Northern Quarter being a top place to visit.