Maidenhead Area Code: 01628

01628 is the Maidenhead Area Code

If you are calling the town of Maidenhead in Berkshire, then the number you ring will most likely start with the prefix 01628.
If you call a Maidenhead number, it will start with 01628 then another six numbers after this.  These numbers are used for homes and for businesses so if you get a call that starts with these same numbers, there is a good likelihood that the person or business comes from the town.

Locations that use the 01628 Area Code

  • Bourne End
  • Maidenhead
  • Burnham
  • Marlow
  • Littlewick Green

Cost of Calling 01628 (Maidenhead) Phone Numbers

If you call a number that starts with 01628, the cost will be the same making a call to other 01 and 02 numbers around the country because these are local rate, geographic numbers.  Your phone provider will set a charge for access along with a minute rate for calls and you can ask them what this is – it is usually different during peak and off-peak times.  Most will be around 12p per minute but if you have inclusive calls, these phone calls often don’t cost anything under these plans.

How to Call Maidenhead Phone Numbers from Abroad

If you need to call a Maidenhead number from overseas, then you can just make a simple change to the number to make it an international one.  You remove the 0 from the front of the number and place +44 instead.  So, a number that would normally be 01628 780 555 would become +441628 780 555.

Some Helpful Maidenhead Phone Numbers

People have a positive reaction to local numbers because there’s a feeling they are associated with a place and less likely to be a cold calling sales number.  Local numbers are also easier to trace than 03 or 08 numbers for customers.  Most local businesses and attractions use them including:

  • 01628 780 555 – Maidenhead Heritage Centre’s line is to check events in the area as well as in the centre and to book the use of their Spitfire simulator
  • 01628 788 997 – Norden Farm Centre of the Arts main line is to make bookings and check about events with the multi-use venue
  • 01628 685 333 – Magnet, the largest leisure centre in the town, has a main local number line to check opening times, facilities and other information

Welcome to Maidenhead

Maidenhead is a town in Berkshire that is a popular commuter location due to its proximity to London.  It is also a great place for tourists as it is near Windsor and has plenty of facilities to use.  These include a museum with a state of the art Spitfire simulator in it, arts venues and a top-quality leisure centre and gym.