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Macclesfield Town Council is the council body responsible for the town of Macclesfield in Cheshire.  It was newly formed in 2015 and can now appoint a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. It is located in Macclesfield Town Hall and the main contact number is 01625 374142.


Macclesfield Town Council was created with the aim of representing the town in regional matters and also nationally as well as developing local services for the people living in the area.  It has a wide range of services for residents.

The council is responsible for economic development and regeneration in the Macclesfield area.  This includes the community grants scheme and is available for businesses as well as community projects.  The aim is to help the area improve and develop while remaining true to its roots.

The council is also in charge of the planning department for the town.  This covers a range of private and commercial projects. For example, if you want to extend your home and need to know if you need planning permission, the council can help.  If you do, they can assist with the application and have it reviewed by the planning department. You can also find out about building regulations that might apply to the project and if planning consultation processes are needed.

Macclesfield Town Council is also responsible for funding parks and play areas, for public and community arts projects and for funding local policing initiatives.  It holds regular events including Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Commemorations as well as Christmas events. There is also a supported summer schools activities programs to keep kids busy during the school summer holidays.

Macclesfield Town Council - MapWards

Macclesfield is separated into 7 wards which all have 1-2 councillors responsible for them so they number 12 in total.

  1. Broken Cross
  2. West & Ivy
  3. Central
  4. South
  5. Tytherington
  6. Hurdsfield
  7. East

Contact the council

The council has a main office located in the town in the Town Hall which can be used to visit and speak to the various departments.  There is also a central telephone number to ring for all queries and to get further contact information 01625 374 142. There is even a central email address to send information, although ensure this isn’t of a sensitive nature as email communications cannot be guaranteed secure – [email protected]

The council also have a main website with a range of services available through it.  This can be reached at  There is a contact form for general queries as well as the My Macclesfield section where you can find out more about what is going on in the community.  

The various departments such as the planning department can all be reached by calling the main number above and asking for the relevant department.  There is also an online form to report problems including with housing, streets, litter or fly-tipping or other problems around the town that you have encountered.  You can find it at along with information about finding your nearest recycling centre, bin collection day and report other problems to the larger Cheshire County Council.