Macclesfield Area Code: 01625

01625 is the Macclesfield Area Code

Numbers within the UK town of Macclesfield have a telephone dialling code of 01625.
If a number starts with 01625 then it is usually a number in Macclesfield including private and business lines.  If you need to call someone in the Cheshire town, then their number will start with this code and be followed by another six numbers.  In the same way, calls starting with these numbers usually come from Macclesfield.

All the Macclesfield localities that use the 01625 area code

Alderley EdgeMacclesfieldWilmslow

How to make an international phone call to Macclesfield

For calls from outside the UK, you do need to make a slight change to the number you normally ring to reach someone in Macclesfield – otherwise, the phone system won’t know where to send the call.  International calls use a special dialling code that is +44 for the UK.  In this situation, you remove the zero from the front of the number and put the +44 in its place.  So, 01625 612 045 becomes +441625 612 045.

Cost of calling 01625 phone numbers

Calls that start with 01625 cost the same as other calls to UK 01 and 02 numbers for different areas of the country.  There is a set charge for access then a minute by minute call charge that varies at different times of the day.  If you have inclusive minutes, then the calls don’t cost anything on landlines or on mobiles.

A few popular Macclesfield phone numbers

Lots of businesses in Macclesfield opt to use the local number because people are more confident answering or ringing a local number – they know where the business is located most of the time.  This is because they are geographic numbers tied to a location.  Examples of famous numbers for the town include:

  • 01625 612 045 – Macclesfield Silk Museum’s main line to check opening times for the museum as well as about any upcoming exhibits
  • 01625 861 221 – Capesthorne Hall’s main line lets you check when the country manor is accepting guests and when the gardens are open as well as enquire about wedding services
  • 01625 264 686 – Macclesfield Town FC’s main number lets you check match information as well as book tickets

Visit Macclesfield

Macclesfield is a town in the county of Cheshire that has a long association with the textile industry – it was the biggest producer of finished silks at one time.  This history is celebrated at the Macclesfield Silk Museum.  The town is between the Peak District and the Cheshire Plain and is a good base to visit the Peak District National Park.  There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops around the town centre.