London Area Code: 020

020 is the London Area Code

The telephone area code for the whole of London is 020.
This is the number for the boroughs of London, both the Inner and Outer London areas as well as some outlying areas.  So, companies and homes within the area will have a number that starts 020 rather than the standard 01 seen around the rest of the UK.  This will be followed by eight more numbers.  Calls coming from a number starting with 020 will most of the time be coming from a London based line.  There are some exceptions such as Bromley, Havering and Hillingdon that do not use the code.

Cost of calling 020 (London) phone numbers

Despite being different to the rest of the standard 01 numbers, the 02 prefix is still classed as a geographic rate and you will be charged the same as calling a number in Manchester or Birmingham.  The rate depends on the time of day of the call and includes a standard access fee from your line provider as well as the cost per minute from your provider.  If you have inclusive minutes on your contract, all calls to London numbers will be free as part of this as long as you have enough minutes to cover the call.

Calling London from overseas

The system for calling London numbers from outside the UK is much the same as for other parts of the UK.  To call a number that would normally be 020 3166 6000 from outside the UK, you take off the first zero and replace this with the international dialling code +44.  This would make the number +44203166 6000.

Phone numbers for popular London attractions

02 numbers are easy to recognise as being from London as they are a little different to other numbers in use for locations around the country.  They are also different to freephone 08 numbers and other styles of numbers that cost more to call.  Businesses in London often use a 02 number because it is cost effective for them and also gives them a location which customers trust more.  Examples of some well-known London numbers include:

  • 020 3166 600 – Tower of London’s main contact number for general visitor queries and opening times for this famous castle on the side of the River Thames.
  • 020 7323 8299 – The British Museum is one of the most prestigious in the country and this number lets you find out information about opening times and special exhibitions
  • 020 7942 5000 – The National History Museum is another top museum in London with a range of exhibits from history and from around the world from dinosaurs to mammal.  This number is their general queries number for opening times and exhibit information.
  • 020 7747 2885 – the National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square and this number lets you check opening times and special exhibits on at the gallery at any time of the year.

Visit London

London is the capital of the UK and also the largest city with a long and significant history.  This means that there are many things to see and do around the capital and makes it a popular tourist destination.  You can visit landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and Buckingham Balance as well as some of the best museums including the National Gallery, the British Museum and the Tate Modern.
London is also a great place for sports fans.  It is home to Wembley, the national football stadium and Twickenham, the national rugby stadium.  It is also the location for Lord’s one of the most famous cricket grounds in the world and the home of the ECB.
London has plenty for theatre fans with the West End being the centre of culture and the location for many movie premiers.  There are also plenty of nightlife options from unusual bars and cafes to historic restaurants and hotels – there’s always something new to see!