Liverpool Area Code: 0151

0151 is the Liverpool Area Code

The telephone prefix code for the Merseyside city of Liverpool is 0151.
People living in the city and businesses located in and around Liverpool will have a local telephone number that begins with 0151, followed by another 7 numbers.  If a call comes to your phone that starts with 0151 then this is most often from the same area.

How to call Liverpool (0151) phone numbers from abroad

Most of the time, you dial all UK numbers the same, but you do need to change something if you are overseas and want to call the UK.  For example, with Liverpool numbers, you would normally ring 0151 264 2500 if you were ringing Liverpool FC for ticket information.  From abroad you need to change the 0 at the beginning for the UK’s international code which is +44 so this would make that same number +44151 264 2500 if you were calling from overseas.

Cost of calling 0151 (Liverpool) phone numbers

Calls to 0151 numbers are local rate calls.  This means they cost the same as other 01 and 02 numbers around the country.  Your provider can tell you what these call costs will be, but they are composed of a variable per minute fee and a set access fee.  The time of day also affects the cost of the call.  If you have a package with inclusive minutes, calls to these numbers count towards this and shouldn’t cost you anything.

Some popular Liverpool general enquiries phone numbers

Local rate numbers are well received by people as opposed to national phone numbers which are often associated with cold calling and sales calls.  That’s why many businesses in Liverpool have a local rate number for people to call.  Examples include:

  • 0151 264 2500 – this is the ticket line for Liverpool FC where you can find out about matches, tickets and other events
  • 0151 236 9091 – this is the main number for the Cavern Club one of the most famous clubs in the city, associated with The Beatles
  • 0151 478 4499 – this is the main number for Merseyside Maritime Museum to check opening hours, exhibitions and other information