Lincoln Area Code: 01522

01522 is the Lincoln Area Code

If you are calling the city of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, then the number will start with the area code 01522.

Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire, famous for its historic cathedral.  Calls to numbers in the city start with the number 01522 followed by another six digits.  This is for both incoming and outgoing calls to private and business lines within the area, so it is easy to spot calls coming to your phone from this location.

Cost of calling an 01522 area code number

Lincoln numbers fall under the geographic numbers rules so calls to this code are charged at the same rate as for all 01 and 02 numbers.  Under the Ofcom rules, you can also use inclusive minutes on landlines and mobiles to call these numbers and they will use your allowance but not cost you anything – unless you go over your allowance.  Call costs are decided by your phone provider and include a per minute fee and access charge.

How to dial a Lincoln phone number from abroad

When you call a Lincoln phone number from outside the UK, you need to make a little change to get the call to connect.  This is because you need to use the international calling code for the UK which is +44.  So, if you were calling a normal number of 01522 552 222 from outside the UK, you would drop the first 0 and instead call +441522 522 222.

Famous examples of Lincoln contact numbers

Because people trust the local telephone number system better than non-geographic numbers that aren’t allocated to a specific place, many businesses in Lincoln use a number that starts with 01522.  There are also many attractive, public facilities and other organisations based I the city that has this kind of number.  If a number doesn’t show with 01522 at the beginning, then it might not come from this city.  Examples of the main numbers include:

  • 01522 552 222 – Lincoln county council’s main number to handle calls about social housing, council tax and general home services such as rubbish collection.
  • 01522 782 040 – Museum of Lincolnshire Life’s main number is great to check opening times and find out what exhibits are currently showing in the museum
  • 01522 561 600 – Lincoln Cathedral has a local number that you can use to check opening times and also see what events and services are taking place.

Districts & localities in Lincoln using the 01522 area code

BassinghamNorth HykehamSudbrooke Park


Explore Lincoln

Lincoln is a great place to visit as it combines stunning historic buildings with great modern shopping facilities.  Lincoln Cathedral held the record as the tallest building in the world for 238 years and is one of the finest examples of cathedral architecture in the UK.  There is also a castle which is still used as a jail and courthouse.  To know more about the history of the city and county, you can also visit the Museum of Lincolnshire Life which has over 250,000 items from ancient times to more modern collections from around the area.