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Lebara Customer Service Contact Numbers

This page is the place to go to find contact numbers for Lebara.  Some of these are free while others are local rate numbers. If you can’t get through on the phone, you can also contact the company through their social media channels, the details of which are at the bottom of the page.

If you have a query about a Lebara UK plan, mobile, SIM card, tariff or promotion, then ring their customer services team on 0207 031 0791.  If you are ringing from a Lebara mobile, then you just need to call 5588. If you happen to be outside the UK and need to speak to them, call +44 207 031 0791.  There is also a main email contact address to use to send details of your query at [email protected] The team offer customer services through their social media channels as well which are available 7 days a week.  There is also live chat options, online contact forms and you can still send queries by mail. The team always aims to answer your query as quickly as possible.


Lebara Departments

UK Contact Numbers

Lebara General Customer Contact UK0207 031 0791
Lebara Customer Contact- Outside UK+44 207 031 0791
From Your Lebara Mobile5588
Text Message – Lebara Internet Activation40127
Listen Voicemail From Lebara Mobile UK121
Listen Voicemail From Lebara Mobile Outside UK+44 783 612 1121
Lebara Voicemail Deactivation Contact Number1210
Lebara Voicemail Reactivation Contact (from mobile)1211
Lebara Plan Cancellation (all customers)38885
Lebara Money Customer Contact0800 640 6303
Ombudsman Services: Communications- Phone Number0330 440 1614
Ombudsman Services: Communications- Textphone0330 440 1600
Ombudsman Services: Communications- Fax Number0330 440 1615
Financial Ombudsman Services Free Contact0800 023 4567
Financial Ombudsman Services Alternate Contact0300 123 9123

Lebara Contact Address

If you want to send details of a query or problem in writing to the company, you can use the following address.  Queries sent this way will take longer than ringing, email or other contact options

Customer Services, Lebara Mobile Limited, the White Chapel Building, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London, England, E1 8DX


Lebara Online Chat

If you visit this page you can access the online chat facility and talk to the customer services team about problems and queries.  The system is available 7 days a week from 9 am until 5:30 pm.

Lebara Online Help

If you need to send information about a problem, you can do this via the online help form which can be accessed here –  Turnaround time for these queries is usually two working days.

Lebara UK SIM Activation demo

Lebara UK SIM Activation

If you want to activate a Lebara SIM, then you should follow the steps found here –  You can submit your details through the online form.  If you just want to get a free SIM from Lebara, dial 5588 from your mobile.

Lebara UK Free SIM Online

You can also request a free SIM through the online contact form which can be found here.  It usually takes 48 hours to send a SIM out.  You can also buy them at various stores and find the one nearest you by checking this stockists page.

Lebara UK Number Check

If you want to check your Lebara number, you can simply call *#100# from your mobile.  The number you are ringing from will then appear on the screen. The number is also on the back of the SIM card pack when you first get the phone.

Lebara Check Balance UK

To check the balance on your SIM card, call *#1345# and your balance will appear on the screen.  You can also check this balance online by visiting the Lebara website.  Accessing this should be almost instantaneous but if it takes a longer time, you can contact the customer services team on 0207 031 0791 to get help.  You can also use online chat or contact forms here to get help if there is a problem.

Lebara UK Top Up

Lebara UK Top Up

There are a number of different ways to top up your Lebara mobile:

  • Automated top up – this involved ringing 5588 and following the instructions on the automated system to top up your mobile
  • Online – you can use the website to top up even if you haven’t registered your details by using the mobile number and the instant top-up options on this page.  You can also find out more about this here –
  • Online account – if you register with Lebara then you get an online account where you can top up but also change any of your information.  To find out how to do this, visit
  • Online for friends and family – if you are topping up for someone else, you need to know their mobile number to do this and can be done here –
  • Scratch card or voucher – you can also redeem a scratch card or voucher by calling *#1345# then providing the 12 or 14 number code on the voucher followed by # to top up.  You can also ring 5588 and choose option 1 to do it over the phone

Lebara UK Payment Plans

Lebara offer a range of payment plans to make having a mobile phone more convenient.  You can pay these:

  • Via PayPal – register your card details and then set up the payment to come through your PayPal account
  • Via online – you can make payments online which is safe and easy, and you can use debit or credit cards
  • Via stores – any of the Lebara retailers can take a payment from card or cash.  To find the nearest one, go to this page –

Lebara UK Internet Activation

If you want to activate internet settings on your phone, you can do this online.  You can also text the contact-free 40127 number and the details of how to set up will be sent to you.  To find out more about this process, go to

Lebara UK Number Porting

If you want to order a Lebara SIM online and get the Porting Authorisation Code (PAC code) from your current provider, then you can contact customer services with this information.  Just ring 5588 or go to the online chat 7 days a week from 9 am until 5:30 pm. You can also do it via the email form here to transfer your number.

Access Voicemail Lebara UK

Voicemail is automatically activated on your Lebara SIM.  If you want to listen to messages, ring 121 and follow the steps.  If you are outside the UK, call +44 783 612 1121 and put in your four number security code.  You can also set up a call divert service. From the UK, call 121 to do this (you will need your pin number for this) or from outside the UK call +44 783 612 1121.  Again, you will need your pin for this.

Deactivate Lebara Voicemail UK

If you want to deactivate voicemail, ring 1210 from your mobile.  You can reverse this decision by calling 1211 from your mobile.

Lebara Calling Issues

If you are having trouble making calls from your mobile, first check you have sufficient balance to make the call.  Also, check you have a connection to the Lebara network. You can see more steps to take on this page.  If you still have problems, send a request via the online contact form for someone to get in touch with you, usually within 2 working days.

Lebara UK Plan Cancel

If you want to stop your plan, just text *stop with no spaces to the contact number for Lebara at 38885.

Lebara UK Lost SIM Card

If you have lost your SIM card and need help, visit the customer services page here and they will help.  Replacement cards are sent within 3-5 working days.  There is more information about charges and balances here.

Lebara UK Money Transfer

Lebara UK lets you make international money transfers via their website in a safe and secure way.  You can speak to them about this service by calling 0800 640 6303. Lines are open from 10-7 weekdays.  You can also send a request via the dedicated email address at [email protected] The instant chat facility is another way to find out more.  The amount of transfer depends on the country you are sending to and the delivery method you choose.  You can use debit cards and pre-paid cards to fund these. For more information, visit the Lebara money page.

Lebara Careers UK

If you want to know about working for Lebara, then you can visit their careers page.  You can also use this section to change or delete any information that the company holds on you or by emailing to [email protected]

Lebara UK Media Contact

If you are a journalist wanting to speak to someone from Lebara, send details of the query to [email protected]

Lebara Resellers UK

If you wish to be Lebara reseller, you can submit your details via the online contact form via the page and the Lebara services team will contact back.

Lebara UK SIM Card Returns

If you want to return an unused Lebara SIM or other product, you have 14 days from when you purchased to do this.  Refunds will be made to the card used for the purchase. Send it to:

Customer Services (Returns), Lebara Mobile, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, England

Lebara Complaints

Lebara have a customer services team on hand to help with any complaints you might have or to assist with technical issues.  For technical queries, ring 0207 031 0791 or 5588 from your mobile. You can email to [email protected] or send information through the online contact form.  The team are available from 9 am until 6 pm every day of the week.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can escalate to higher management.  A response will be received within three working days. Should you still be unsatisfied, you can get in touch with the Ombudsman Service: Communications.  Their number is 0330 440 1614 or 0330 440 1600 for textphone users. You can also send details by fax to 0330 440 1615, via email to [email protected] or by visiting the web page.  Finally, you can send details in writing to:

Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU

If you want to leave Lebara and want a PAC code for your new mobile provider, then you can contact the team to request it at

If you have a problem with the Lebara money services, then you can contact them on 0800 640 6303 from 10-7 weekdays.  You can email to [email protected] and the team will come back to you. If you are unhappy with their response, you can also escalate to the Financial Ombudsman Services via 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.  Their email address is [email protected] and their postal address is:

Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR

Contact Lebara through social media- Facebook, Twitter, and the mobile apps

Lebara is one of the fastest growing pan-European mobile companies who offer services around the world via their mobile virtual network.  Lebara UK aims to make the world of mobile technology clear and easy to understand for all customers and offer them competitive products that suit their needs.  These include national and international call plans, phone deals, data plans and internet service. They have a highly trained customer service team who can be reached in a variety of ways including through the main contact number 0207 031 0791.  Other options include: