Kensington & Chelsea Council

Call 020 7361 3006

Kensington & Chelsea is the local authority for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in Greater London.  It is one of the 32 councils in London and is divided into 18 wards with either 2-3 councillors each. The council was created in 1963 replacing two separate borough councils.

The council is responsible for a wide range of public services including collecting council tax, housing and also services such as planning permission and waste collection.  They also oversee the schools in the area and are the ones you get in touch with to get your child a place in a local school.

The 18 wards are:

  1. Dalgarno
  2. St Helen’s
  3. Golborne
  4. Notting Dale
  5. Colville
  6. Norland
  7. Pembridge
  8. Holland
  9. Campden
  10. Abingdon
  11. Queen’s Gate
  12. Earl’s Court
  13. Redcliffe
  14. Courtfield
  15. Brompton and Hans Town
  16. Stanley
  17. Chelsea Riverside
  18. Royal Hospital

Contacting the council

The council operates a website where you can find out a lot of information about their services and also make payments for things like council tax.  There is a job vacancy section and information on parking permits and bin collections. The website is and you can also email them via the site or send a Tweet on Twitter.

There are also various departments with their own contact information to reach out to for help and advice.  All council departments are open from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm weekdays unless otherwise stated on the website.

For queries around benefits you receive or think you may be due, you can call 020 7361 3006.  If the query is about council tax payments, to make a payment or sort a problem with your bill, call 020 7361 3005.  And if you need help from the family information service, you can reach them on 020 7361 3302.

For environmental health queries, contact the council on 020 7361 3002 while housing queries are handled by 020 7361 3008.  If you have a query about a parking permit, then you want to call either 020 7361 4381 for new applications or 020 7361 3019 for renewals.  And if you have received a Penalty Charge Notice you can call 020 7361 4380.