HMRC Tax Refund Contact Number

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Number For Tax Refund

HMRC are the department that deals with all aspects of income tax including collection and also if you have overpaid and are due to a tax refund. This makes it a very busy department but the new HMRC tax rebate contact number allows you to easily speak to someone with regards to your income tax position and organise a refund if you are due one. There are a number of fraudulent schemes around at the moment that claim you are due a refund when this isn’t the case so if you need to get in touch with HMRC to query one of these text messages or emails, you can use this HMRC tax contact number and be certain you are speaking to the real people. Never give out information to anyone who calls you or claims to be from HMRC – they will normally contact you either via a letter or through the government gateway if you are registered as self-employed.

Tax Refund Number

To find out about a tax refund, you can call this HMRC contact number tax rebate with your details. This will include name and address, your national insurance number and details of why you think you have paid too much. Often this is due to a change in circumstances where your employers have continued to take tax at an old rate, but you no longer need to pay as much as this. Another situation where you need the HMRC overpayment contact number is where you have changed your hours and the tax code hasn’t been updated, so you have been paying too much tax. Similarly, you might have stopped work, but tax is still being collected against any benefits as if you were working. Sometimes a tax return highlights a tax refund for the previous year, or you might have paid too much tax on any pensions. This number can help you clear up all of these.

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