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HMRC Telephone Number

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or HMRC is the department of the government responsible for matters relating to income tax, national insurance, PAYE systems and also benefits such as Child Benefit. They also have a reputation for being rather difficult to reach on the phone during peak times, and this is why this new HMRC contact number can help you avoid the queues and have your question answered quicker. The number works as an HMRC tax contact number to speak to someone about a range of tax related matters. This may be about a payment you need to make or an overpayment that you paid that means you are owed a tax refund. You can also use this number to query things about your self-assessment if you are registered as self-employed and if you are having trouble paying a tax bill.

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Another reason to use this number is as an HMRC national insurance contact number. Paying national insurance happens once you earn a certain amount and is something that almost all of us have to pay. You can use this number to query if you think you have paid too much or aren’t due to pay it all. Businesses can also use this number as an HMRC PAYE contact number to provide information or query anything regarding the automated PAYE system. This is how they pay employees and automatically deduct the correct tax and national insurance payments. Finally, call this number as an HMRC tax credits contact number if you have a query about any of the tax credits or benefits that you may be receiving. You can query payments or overpayments as well as find out if you are entitled to any additional benefits. You can also use it to advise about a change in circumstances that might affect the benefits you receive.

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