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Child Benefit Number

Child Benefit is the payment made to all adults who are responsible for a child under the age of 16 or 20 if they are in full-time education. This payment is administrated by HMRC, and this means if you need to speak to them about it, you need an HMRC contact telephone number. This new number will help you quickly speak to the right person without the need for long queues and time wasted on the phone. As a new parent, you can use this number to discuss the child benefit system with HMRC and find out about your entitlement. Some people choose not to take the payment but still need to complete the paperwork as it forms a credit against your national insurance and therefore your state pension when you are at retirement age. You may also have to pay a tax charge on the money if one of the households earn more than £50,000.

Child Benefit Number Uk

If you raise a child who has lost both parents, you could also be entitled to an additional payment known as a Guardian’s Allowance. If you find yourself in this sad position, you can use this contact number for HMRC to find out more about the system. Only one person in the house can receive the Child Benefit payment. If parents split, then one parent can claim for one child and the other for another, but both can’t claim for the same child. There are also different payment rates if families join together. Payments are made every four weeks on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Child Benefit is separate from tax credits, but this number can also serve to check and as an HMRC tax credits phone number to pass on to that department after you have finished querying the matter with regards to your child benefit payments.

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