Glasgow Area Code: 0141

0141 is the Glasgow Area Code

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the prefix for telephone numbers for it is 0141.
The city of Glasgow’s numbers all begin with 0141 then another seven numbers.  This applies to homes in the area as well as businesses.  If you get a call that starts with 0141, there’s a likelihood that it comes from a home or business in the city.

All districts and localities covered by Glasgow’s 0141 area code

CroftfootMilngavieThornly Park
DrumchapelNewton Mearns

Call costs to 0141 (Glasgow) Phone Numbers

Glasgow’s 0141 numbers are charged at the same amount as calls to other geographic 01 and 02 numbers around the country.  This means there is a standard charge per minute as well as an access fee from your provider.  Call costs do vary between peak (daytime) and off-peak (evening and night time) call costs and your provider can tell you what these are for your line.  If you have inclusive free minutes on your plan, calls to these numbers will come under it.

Calling Glasgow (0141) Phone Numbers from abroad

When you call a number from outside the UK, you need to do it a little differently than calling from inside the UK.  For a Glasgow number, you would normally ring 0141 420 5000 for example.  But you need to change this when you are calling from outside the UK.  The code of 0141 changes to incorporate the international calling code +44.  So, this would make that same number +44141 420 5000 when you are calling from outside the UK.

Some popular Glasgow (0141) general enquiries phone numbers

Local numbers such as the Glasgow 0141 are popular with people because they have a sense of where the number is calling from.  This is opposed to 03 or 08 numbers that can be anywhere and are often associated with cold calling sales numbers or more expensive call costs.  Examples of Glasgow attractions using the number include:

  • 0141 420 5000 – Glasgow Science Centre’s main number for checking opening times, exhibit information and booking for school visits
  • 0141 287 2720 – Riverside Museum’s main number is available to check on the exhibits within the museum, opening times and other events taking place
  • 0141 620 4000 – Hampden Park is Scotland’s national football stadium, and this is their main number for tickets, match times and other queries

Highlights of Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and one of the biggest in the country.  It has a long history and is a great place to visit on holiday.  You can check out attractions such as the Museum of Transport within the Riverhouse as well as the Glasgow Science Centre.  It also holds a UNESCO City of Music status due to the number of quality concert venues in the city as well as small independent venues and a vibrant nightlife.  There are also over 1800 restaurants and cafes in the city so after a day shopping or sightseeing, there are plenty of choices about where to eat.