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Europcar UK

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Europcar UK

Europcar is a top car and van hire company who offer their services in the UK.  They have some 200 different locations around the country where you can collect a car or van for hire and also work around the world.  So if you are near one of their over 3,800 locations, you can also hire a vehicle from a company you know. Europcar has a customer service team who are available to answer questions about your hire needs.  The company has over 60 years’ experience in the industry and have a high standard of customer service so whether you are looking for an economy or a luxury vehicle, they can help.

In addition to their basic services, Europcar also offers delivery and collection for the car or van.  They have online check-in services to complete paperwork and cut down on time involved. You can also hire a vehicle for long-term hire if this better suits your needs.

You can visit the Europcar website at to get a quote or to make a booking.  You can then ring 0371 384 0235 to finalise that booking or to add extras to it.  If you need help or support with the booking or the website, give them a call. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls will cost 10p per minute plus access charge.

Calls are answered quickly, and the team make every effort to deal with your query at your first point of contact in as short a time as possible.

Europcar Important Contact Numbers

Europcar Department

UK Contact Numbers

Europcar Customer Contact Telephone Service Number0371 384 0235
Reservations and Quotes Contact Number0871 384 9900 (call will cost you 13p/minute+your phones company access charge)

Europcar FAQ’s Service Contact Page

Europcar makes it easy to get the answers to the questions you might have about their services.  To start with they have an FAQ’s page on their website at where you can find answers to the most common questions.  This is designed to cut down the time needed to get answers by covering many common topics.  You can also access this whenever suits and from a variety of different devices.

Some of the main ways to get additional support for your queries from Europcar is:

  • After rental help and support – this is for after you have finished the rental and can be found here where the most common post-rental questions are found.  You can usually find the answer to your questions here.
  • Bookings help and support – this is another FAQs section that relates to making the actual booking including collection services, getting child seats and the available ability of vehicles in your local office.  You can access this at to get the information that you need.
  • Business information – this is where you can find the TA’s commission if you book online, get information about travel agents or codes for their different offices.  You can access it here
  • Information regarding damaged cover products – this is where the damage cover products cover is taken and how you find out how to use it.  It covers the most common scenarios and what to do with them and can be found at
  • During rental – queries, while you are renting a vehicle, are common and you can find a range of answers on their website including information on rental agreements, return time and more.
  • Locations information – find the nearest Europcar office to where you are by visiting where all locations are listed
  • Loyalty program help and support – if you are a member of their loyalty program, you can get specialist help and support here where the most common questions are answered.
  • My account guide – this is a how-to for customers to read before they leave with a Europcar vehicle to know what they are expected to do with the vehicle.  You can access it at
  • Payment methods –  want to know the options for paying for your rental car?  Then visit this page and you can get information on the different payment methods that Europcar accept.
  • Services information – if you want to know more about the other services that Europcar offer, then visit this page to find out
  • Website information – for more information on problems with the website or to report one, visit their help and support page at where you can go through the quick three-question assessment to see who you need to speak to about your problem.

If you need more information or don’t find what you are looking for on these pages, then you can use the information on the contact section to get in touch.  The team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm and reservations can be made 24 hours a day.

Europcar Customer Contact Telephone Service Number

If you need to get in touch with Europcar about any of their services, then you can ring their main contact number on 0371 384 0235.  Lines are open from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm weekdays.


Europcar Email Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with Europcar by means other than the phone, then email is the best options.  They have a contact us page at where you can get the information for their various email contact options to chat with someone and get the information you need.  There are various different sections to choose from to get the email through to the right person including:

  • Before rental help and support – this team handles queries about the quotes you have had and can give you information about what to expect before you make a booking.  
  • During rental help and support – this team handles queries when you have rented a Europcar vehicle and need more information including when to return or how to extend the rental period
  • After rental help and support – this team handles queries after you have completed the rental and need information or additional support.  This includes things like fuel queries, fines and damage, insurance, deposit queries and invoice information. If you have received an extra charge, this team can help to deal with it and see what it is about.  You will need your invoice or agreement number when emailing this team
  • Loyalty program – if you want to email the team that handles the loyalty program for Europcar then you can select this option.  This includes benefits and financial queries regarding the program

Make sure you use the right option when you visit the page so that the email goes to the right section of their customer services team.  They will then respond as quickly as possible.

Europcar Careers Information Page

If you want to look at a career with Europcar, you can visit their careers information page at  The company has a variety of roles here in the UK and there is the chance to move to another department in another country.  They have a high standard of employee satisfaction and pay grades.

Europcar UK Media Contact

If you are a representative of the media and want to get information from Europcar, you can email their dedicated media team on [email protected]  This is where you can find out about events and news from the company, get a quote or financial stats from the company.

Europcar Feedback Form Page

Europcar is keen to get customer feedback where possible and that’s why they have a feedback form on their website at  Here you can let them know anything from how you found the experience of renting a car to how easy their website is to use.

Most of the queries you have about Europcar can be answered online but if you want to know something, not on their website or you can’t access their site, then use the telephone numbers provided to speak to someone instead.

Connect with Europcar through Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and other Important Apps

Europcar has an established presence on all of the main social media sites and this can be a great way to find out about the latest deals, services and even to find out about the cars or vans available at your local office.  It also has mobile apps for customers to keep track of their bookings and services in addition to the main website.