Call connection number



ESA Customer Services – 0345 608 8545

The main ESA customer services team can be reached on the local rate number 0345 608 8545.  

For existing claimants, you can use this number to check about payments.  

You can also call to change your information such as bank account details for your payments or to query the payments you will receive.  

You can also find out if new legislation will affect your claim.

Call 0345 608 8545 at the same cost as calling 01 and 02 numbers around the country.  

From a BT landline this will be a maximum of 12p per minute plus a set up charge from your provider.  If you have a mobile with inclusive free minutes, these calls are normally free.  

Check with your provider for more information and costs.

You can also ring ESA on 0345 608 8545 which is charged at 7p per minute plus connection charge so depending on the time of day, this might be a cheaper option.

Or see the FAQS here.

Claim ESA Benefits – 0800 055 6688

If you want to make a new ESA claim, you can call the freephone number 0800 055 6688.  

The Employment and Support Allowance is designed to help you if you are unable to work and creates a personalised plan that can include work where possible.  You can also use the number to amend new claims or to check about new regulations that might apply to you.

You can download the claim form RSA1 from the Department of Work & Pensions website (DWP) at then take it to the nearest Jobcentre Plus to deliver it.  

You can use the Jobcentre Plus website to find the nearest office

Dispute an ESA Decision – 0345 608 8545 & 0300 123 1142

If you want to dispute a decision by the ESA, you can all 0345 608 8545.  This is a number to query about mandatory reconsideration notices that are needed to appeal Social Security and Child Support Tribunal cases.

You can also write to them on the address provided but this must be done within one month of the decision.

If you need more advice on this, check with your Citizens Advice Bureau office –

You can call 0300 123 1142 if you have received a mandatory reconsideration notice and are in England and Wales or call 0141 354 8400 if you are in Scotland.  These numbers tell you how to complete forms and what you need to send to the tribunal to dispute the decision.  

You may also need form SSCS1 from the HM Courts & Tribunals Service which you can find here – below are addresses to send this to depending on where you live.



HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,

PO Box 1203,


BD1 9WP,

United Kingdom.

HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,

PO Box 27080,


G2 9HQ,

United Kingdom.

Make an ESA Complaint – 0345 608 8545

You can call 0345 608 8545 to make a complaint about the ESA including if you have suffered unreasonable delays, poor service or if you haven’t been informed about the position of your claim.  This is not the number to dispute a decision about an ESA claim see above for information about these.

If you are using a Textphone service, then call 0345 608 8551.  

For Welsh language service, call 0345 600 3018 (os byddwch yn gofyn am wasanaethau Cymraeg i wneud cwyn i Lwfans Cyflogaeth a Chymorth, ffoniwch 0345 600 3018).