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This is a non affiliated call connection service. The call connection telephone numbers supplied by are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

EE Contact Number: 0843 133 7125

You can contact the EE customer services team on 0843 133 7125 or via the freephone number 0800 956 6000.  You can also call 150 from an EE mobile to speak to the team with no call charges.

EE Customer Services – 0800 956 6000

For the main EE customer services team, you can ring 150 from an EE mobile or 0800 956 6000 from any number.  You can check your mobile contract or SIM service as well as find out who to speak to about a specific problem.  

The number also assists with setting up direct debit payments, pay a bill or let them know when you want to cancel a contract.

The number is also the first contact point for a complaint.  There is a details complaints section below telling you how to handle a complaint, but you can start here.  Call this number between 8-10 weekdays and 8-8 weekends.  Calls cost 12.7p per minute plus a 15p connection charge from EE lines – costs may be higher from other providers.

You can also put details in writing of any complaint or issue to do with mobile or broadband packages.  Use the address below and ensure your own details are included including the landline or mobile in question and your EE account number:

  • EE Mobile & Broadband,
  • EE Customer Services,
  • 6 Camberwell Way,
  • Sunderland,
  • Tyne and Wear,
  • SR3 3XN,
  • United Kingdom.

EE Broadband & EE TV

EE Broadband & EE TV – 0800 079 8586

You can call the freephone number 0800 079 8586 to talk to an EE advisor about your broadband or talk service.  This number handles all queries as well as cancelling services, tracking an order or arranging or changing an engineer’s visit.  You can also get troubleshooting help here.  Should the line be busy, you can also ring the local rate number 0207 362 0200 where lines are open 8-10 weekdays and 8-8 weekends (closed Bank Holidays).

There is also a dedicated email address for customer services for broadband which you can use at

4GEE Mobile WiFi – 07953 966 502

If you are having trouble with a 4G mobile from EE, then you can ring the dedicated number 07953 966 502.  This number helps with queries about bills, topping up or paying your account or troubleshooting your 4G mobile phone.  Lines are open from 8-10 weekdays and 8-8 weekends and is free from any EE line.  Calls will cost from other providers so check with them what the charges will be.

Join EE – 0800 956 6000

Join EE – 0800 956 6000

If you want to start as an EE customer for mobile, SIM, broadband, TV or 4GEE, then you can call the freephone 0800 956 6000.  This number can give you information about the various packages that the company offers.  Business customers can use a different number of queries which is 0800 956 6100.  Businesses with 50+ employees should use the commercial helpline number on 0800 079 8888.  All lines are open 8-10 weekdays and 8-8 weekends.

Complain to EE – 0800 956 6060 or 0800 956 6059

If you need to make a complaint about any aspect of EE, you can ring the freephone number 0800 956 6060.  For specific broadband and TV complaints, you can also go straight to 0800 956 6059.  Both lines are open from 8-8 every day of the week.  There are also different customer services departments for different customers:

  •         Mobile and SIM – 0800 079 8586
  •         Broadband & TV – 0800 079 8586
  •         4GEE customers – 07953 966 502

In addition, there is an online chat facility staffed with trained advisors who can help with queries and complaints and can be found at or you can use the contact form to register a complaint at  Finally, there is also a complaint email at [email protected]

There are two addresses to use if you want to send details of your complaint in writing or forward paperwork.  The address to use depends on if you are a SIM or mobile customer or a broadband customer:



Customer Services,


6 Camberwell Way,


Tyne and Wear,

SR3 3XN,

United Kingdom.

EE Home Broadband,

6 Camberwell Way,


Tyne And Wear,

SR3 3XN,

United Kingdom.

If a complaint isn’t resolved by these departments, you can recontact EE on either 0800 956 6060 or 0800 956 6059.  Ask to speak to a manager.  Should this prove unsatisfactory, you can get in touch with the relevant ombudsman to escalate the claim.  Find out details of who this at the official EE complaints webpage –

Orange Contact Numbers

EE was created in 2010 by the merging of Orange and T-Mobile.  If you have a query that predates this and wants to speak to someone for a dedicated Orange query, you can dial 150 from your mobile or use any of the numbers below.  These calls can cost up to 32p a minute from landlines and more from mobiles so check with your provider about costs before making the call.



Orange Pay as you Go customers07973 100 450
Orange Pay Monthly & SIM-only customers07973 100 150
Orange Business Customers07973 100 345

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

If you are a former T-Mobile customer that wants to speak to someone about an issue predating the merger, you can also use the numbers below to speak to the dedicated T-Mobile team.



T-Mobile Mobile & SIM-only customers0845 412 5000
T-Mobile 4GEE WiFi customers0800 956 6134
T-Mobile Businesses customers0800 956 6135

Important EE Phone Numbers



General Customer Services, EE Mobile & SIM queries0800 956 6000
EE Broadband & TV queries0800 079 8586
4GEE Mobile WiFi queries0800 956 6134
Join EE (new customer)0800 956 6000
Complain to EE about Mobile, 4GEE & Tablet issues0800 956 6060
Complain to EE about EE TV, Broadband issues0800 956 6059

Alternative EE Contact Options

EE Mobile Coverage Checker

If you want to check if EE coverage is good in your area or if there is a problem with the network, you can visit

EE Store Finder

With 550 stores around the country so if you want to find the nearest one, visit

Social Media

EE also has a presence on all the main social media sites as the larger provider of 4G services in Europe.  You can use the following profiles to find out about updates and queries with the company: