Edinburgh Area Code: 0131

0131 is the Edinburgh Area Code

The area code for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is 0131.
People living in Edinburgh, as well as businesses based in the area, will almost always have a telephone number that starts with 0131.  There will then be another seven numbers after this.  This is a regional code for the city and immediate surrounding area, so you would use this number when calling from inside the UK.  If you get a call from a number starting with 0131, they will mostly be in the Edinburgh area.

Full list of districts and localities covered by Edinburgh’s 0131 area code

Davidson’s MainsLeithPortobello
DeanLibertonSouth Queensferry
DonaldsonLoanheadWester Hailes

Some famous Edinburgh (0131) phone numbers

People have positive associations with local numbers such as the Edinburgh 0131 code because they have an idea where the caller is coming from.  Unlike 03 and 08 numbers which can be anywhere, you can easily find out where a call is coming from when it has a geographic 01 or 02 number at the beginning.  Lots of local businesses use these numbers including:

  • 0131 226 006 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society uses a local number to book tickets and find information about the global arts festival they hold each year
  • 0131 225 9846 Edinburgh Castle has a main local line for queries about opening times and events taking place
  • 0131 624 6200 – National Gallery of Scotland also has a local number for general queries, finding out about exhibitions and other information

Call costs to 0131 (Edinburgh) phone numbers

If you ring a 01 number from a landline, you will see a call cost that is made up of an access charge and a rate per minute.  These costs are more expensive during the day than on an evening or night (off-peak) and are decided by your call provider.  Costs are generally more expensive from mobiles than landlines.  However, if you have inclusive minutes on your contract, these usually cover the cost of the calls, so they are free.

How to call Edinburgh (0131) phone numbers from abroad

Calling from outside the UK, the process is a little different.  To get a call through from outside the UK, you need to change the number slightly and include the international dialling code which is +44 for the UK.  This means that if you were calling the Edinburgh Fringe Festival number you would normally ring 0131 226 0026.  But from outside the UK, you would instead ring +44131 2260026.

A short guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the seventh largest city in the country.  The cityscape is dominated by Edinburgh Castle, the ancient castle that sits at the top of the hill overlooking the city.  You can also see Holyrood Palace, the 15th century base of the Scottish parliament.  As well as the many ancient buildings, there are also plenty of cultural places to visit including the National Museum of Scotland which details the history of the city and wider country.  As well as many green spaces and natural locations around the city area, Edinburgh also has lots for the modern visitor including a wide range of restaurants, serving cuisine from around the world and plenty of great nightlife spots.  It is also the location for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest art festival in the world.